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The best blackout curtains to banish sunlight and heat

There’s something uniquely satisfying about sleeping in a space that’s more like a sensory deprivation tank than an actual room. You’ve got sheets so silky you feel like you’re floating, your white noise machine is perfectly set to your preferred volume and tone, but if you’ve got light that’s still creeping in, either because a neighbor refuses to turn off their porch light or because, when you prefer a dark room, the moon actually seems quite bright.

That’s where blackout curtains come in. Sure, you may have tried curtains claiming to be blackout curtains, but if they don’t block out at least 98% of the light, you’re not getting your money’s worth. And if you think you can’t afford true blackout curtains, you probably just haven’t looked hard enough. But to give you that perfect sensory deprivation tank feeling, we’ve put together a list of some of the best blackout curtains you can buy.

Best Blackout Curtains

  • Best Blackout Curtains: Eclipse Bradley Thermal Blackout Curtains
  • Best Cheap Blackout Curtains: Deconovo Blackout Curtains
  • Best Thermal Blackout Curtains: RHF Extra-Wide Blackout Curtain
  • Best Blackout Window Cover: Blackout EZ Blackout Window Cover
  • Best Blackout Curtains for Kids: Nicetown Thermal Blackout Curtains

Best Blackout Curtains: Eclipse Bradley Thermal Blackout Curtains

If you’re most concerned about the level of light blocking in any of the curtains on this list, Eclipse Bradley has you covered. These curtains block nearly 100% of light, so this is the perfect model if you need curtains for a home theater or if you work the night shift. Plus, Eclipse Bradley’s design is twofold; the first is for light blocking and the second is for room insulation. That means you’ll be saving money on your electric bill. These curtains are just $26; expensive if you compare these curtains to other choices on this list, but inexpensive if you add up the amount of sleep saved and money not spent on your air condition and heating.

Best Cheap Blackout Curtains: Nicetown Thermal Blackout Curtains

best blackout curtains

At just $16, these blackout curtains block between 85% to 99% of light. If you’re looking for true blackout curtains, especially if you’re light-sensitive, you should probably only aim for 98% light blocking and above, but this is a pretty great deal either way. These curtains come in plenty of colors, but if you only want the darkest blocking, go with classic black. Nicetown has plenty of options for blackout curtains in varying sizes ad colors, so if this choice doesn’t work for you or your windows, we recommend checking out this brand’s other options.

Best Thermal Blackout Curtains: RHF Extra-Wide Blackout Curtain

best blackout curtains

Even if you’ve found curtains that block light well, but still leave that strip of light somehow shining directly into your eyes, they’re not the perfect curtains. Stop wrestling two-curtain panels to completely overlap; just get a super long single panel and you won’t have to worry about the piercing sliver of light. Rose Home Fashion’s blackout curtains, which help keep the warmth in during winter and out during the summer. These curtains scale all the way from 52-by-63 inches for $15 up to the massive 100-by-108-inch curtain panel for $40. They’re simple and attractive, too, so you don’t have to worry about ruining your bedroom aesthetic. If you’re looking for the next level of room darkening, make sure to buy black curtains, which keep out light more effectively than lighter colored curtains.

Best Blackout Window Cover: Blackout EZ Blackout Window Cover

Looking for a more unconventional “curtain?” This window cover by Blackout EZ fastens to your window frame through velcro and keeps all the light out without while being covert, too. If you’ve found a window treatment that goes perfectly with your decor and sets the tone in your bedroom, you don’t have to sacrifice looks for sleep, or the other way around. Blackout EZ’s window covers are removable, too, so you don’t have to deal with a dark room during the day. Just unfasten the window cover, roll it up and toss it in the closet until you need to go back to sleep.

Best Blackout Curtains for Kids: Deconovo Blackout Curtains

best blackout curtains

Before you get too excited about that $9 price tag, that’s for just a single small panel of 42-by-63-inch curtains, so these won’t fit plenty of windows. Still, these curtains are super inexpensive. They’re soft to the touch and rated well, so you know you’re getting a fantastic deal. Deconovo also has plenty of colors for you to choose from, so if black isn’t really your style, you’ve got a lot of options here, from mustard and lavender to royal blue and red.

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