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The best tools to start gardening at home: vegetables, herbs, and more

As the weather starts to get warmer in most parts of the country, it is time to get work outside. With the recent social distancing and stay-at-home orders, your regular outdoor activities may no longer be an option. However, starting a home garden can be a great new hobby that can also provide essential herbs, vegetables, and even fruits (depending on location) so that you can lessen your trips to the stores.

Gardening is a rewarding hobby, whether you grow vegetables, bushes, decorative plants, herbs, or fruits. With all of the technology present in our world, there are gardening apps to help you with gardening and even for controlling your sprinklers. We found the best tools and fertilizers to get you started on your home gardening adventure.

Tools needed for a garden

  • Hand Trowel with Wood Handle$5
  • Hand Pruning Shears$13
  • Heavy-Duty Hose$24
  • Watering Can$6
  • Garden Rake$17
  • Garden Hoe$18
  • Angled Shovel$8
  • Gardening Gloves$5
  • Kneeling Pad$9
  • Sprinkler$10

Gardening tips

digging hole in dirt with hand trowel

Some of the items on the list are pretty necessary for a beginner gardener: A trowel, pruning shears, garden hose or watering can, garden rake, and angled shovel. A trowel is needed for several everyday gardening tasks such as breaking up clumps of soil, digging small holes, digging up weeds, and transplanting seedlings. Make sure the one you buy has a wooden handle and a sturdy metal blade. Pruning shears are used for harvesting fresh produce and cutting back bushes. Small branches (less than two inches in diameter) can be trimmed with these handheld shears. Anything larger than two inches will require a bigger set of branch shears.

A hose and/or watering can is needed for keeping your plants hydrated. Be sure to get a hose that reaches from your outdoor faucet all the way to the garden and consider adding a spraying attachment so you can control the flow of water. Use a watering can to get to plants you can’t reach or if you’re just container gardening. A good tip is to water early in the morning because temperatures are lowest at this time of day. Also, avoid evening watering because it can make the soil too wet and create a perfect environment for bacterial to breed.

A garden rake is a metal rake with uniform tines that allows you to create a level soil surface while removing weeds. An angled shovel will be useful for digging holes, moving soil, and relocating plants. The angled shovel head is helpful when completing all of these tasks.

The other items on the list above are not absolutely necessary but will make your gardening life more comfortable. A garden hoe comes in handy when the soil you are working with is full of clumps and weeds that the garden rake won’t get through. Use the hoe to cultivate tough and overgrown land since it will help you chop and remove tough areas. Garden gloves are not required but certainly protect your hands while digging in the dirt. They keep your hands clean and protect them from cuts while working. Look for gloves that are water-resistant and have cinched wrist areas to keep soil out.

A kneeling pad will save you knees while spending time out in the garden. They are soft enough to protect your knees and small enough to move around with you. The pad will also keep your pants (or bare knees) from being dirty all the time. A sprinkler will help with watering when you don’t have the time to stand outside with the hose. You can set the sprinkler up and let it go for 20 minutes or so and then move it to the next area that needs watering.

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