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The 10 best beginner gardening tools in 2020

Taking on gardening as a hobby is a great project to start this summer while also getting time in the sun and fresh air. Your yard can be your new place of zen and solace with your very own home garden to provide essential vegetables, herbs, and even fruits (depending on location) so that you can lessen your trips to the stores.

Gardening is a rewarding hobby, whether you grow vegetables, bushes, decorative plants, herbs, or fruits. With all of the technology present in our world, there are apps to help you with gardening and even for controlling your sprinklers. We found the best tools to get you started on your home gardening adventure.

At a Glance:

  • Best for planting: Ames Hand Trowel with Wood Handle
  • Best for trimming: Fiskars Bypass Hand Pruner
  • Works well with sprinklers: Gilmour Flexogen Heavy-Duty Hose
  • Best for watering by hand: Union Products Watering Can
  • Best for collecting leaves: Ames Bow Garden Rake
  • Best for removing weeds: Craftsman Garden Hoe
  • Best for digging: Eagle Angled Shovel
  • Best for hand protection: Digz Honeycomb Gloves
  • Best for knee comfort: PROPAD Kneeling Pad
  • Best for large tatering coverage: Melnor Oscillating Sprinkler

Best for planting: Ames Hand Trowel with Wood Handle

Whether you’re planting, transplanting, leveling soil, or weeding, a hand trowel is a multifunctional tool that will help you get the job done. The Ames Hand Trowel with Wood Handle is a durable and versatile tool for general gardening. Its 3.5-inch tempered steel head has a W-alloy finish while its 5.3-inch hardwood handle is not only comfortable to hold but also has a convenient hang-up hole for easy storage.

Best for trimming: Fiskars Hand Pruning Shears

When it comes to hard branches and tough stems, a regular pair of scissors just won’t do. Fiskars’ Hand Pruning Shears enable you to trim plants without breaking the bank or your hands getting sore. It has a bypass blade design that makes it a solid bet for cutting all kinds of greens and living growth such as ornamental shrubs. Its UltraBlade coating not only reduces friction when cutting but also makes it last up to five times longer than non-treated blades. Regardless whether you’re left- or right-handed, you’ll be satisfied with its soft ergonomic grip while its self-cleaning sap groove prevents the blades from getting too sticky.

Works well with sprinklers: Gilmour Flexogen Heavy-Duty Hose

A heavy-duty hose is always a handy tool to have around even when you don’t intend to use it for gardening. For instance, it can also be used for washing your car or cleaning your driveway. What makes Gilmore’s heavy-duty hose great is that it has a unique male end grip that makes it simpler and quicker to affix sprinklers and nozzles. Besides being able to guarantee long-lasting performance with 500PSI burst strength, it also has a patented eight-layer construction to assure flexibility as well as kink resistance. It is 600 inches to provide you with enough reach and ergonomically designed for comfort.

Best for watering by hand: Union Products Watering Can

A watering can is portable, which makes it ideal when you want to give your indoor plants or particular pots a gentle shower that would seep through its roots. This Union Products watering can has a 2-gallon capacity, which should be enough to save you from going back and forth multiple times for a refill. It is made from weather- and UV-resistant plastic so you won’t have to worry about leaving it outside. With one handle at the top and another on its side, you’ll certainly have no problem bringing it around.

Best for collecting leaves: Ames Bow Garden Rake

Garden rakes help you gather fallen leaves, which makes it easier to bag them up in one go so your garden stays neatly manicured. The Ames Bow Garden Rake has a dual-purpose head that lets you collect leaves as well as loosen and smooth soil. It has 16 tines with a steel-reinforced socket for added strength while being lightweight for easy handling.

Best for removing weeds: Craftsman Garden Hoe

Part of keeping your soil and garden healthy is ridding it off weeds, and a garden hoe is just the right tool for the job. Tending your garden may take a lot of effort but it doesn’t have to give you a hard time. The Craftsman garden hoe has a beveled edge that lets you cut and chop off weeds neatly while its hardwood handle has a cushioned end grip that allows you more control without compromising comfort through the toughest applications. It also has a 6.25-inch forged blade that lets you break up compacted soil to complete fall cleanup or building your garden bed.

Best for digging: Eagle Angled Shovel

You can think of shovels as huge spoons you use for scooping and moving soil. The pointed edge allows you to cut through the soil while the flat step lets you put your full weight into it. The Eagle Angled Shovel is optimally built for light yard tasks such as gardening or landscaping with a 46-inch hardwood lacquered handle attached to a blade with a rolled shoulder design. It is made in such a way that it helps you dig faster while withstanding wear and tear from heavy use.

Best for hand protection: Digz Honeycomb Gloves

Some plants have thorns, some plants can be hairy and itchy, and some things we touch are better not left to chance. The Digz Honeycomb Gloves let you do your yard work while protecting your hands from getting scratches. These gardening gloves are made of a combination of latex and polyester fabric so that your hands stay dry while allowing enough breeze to enter to prevent excess sweating. The flexible design allows you to easily and comfortably slip your hands in, and the polka dot exterior brings a dash of style to match its sheer functionality.

Best for knee comfort: Propad Kneeling Pad

Some chores simply require us to get down and dirty, but that doesn’t mean our knees have to suffer through it. Kneeling pads are multipurpose so its use is not limited to the garden and can be appreciated by anyone who wants to spare their joints from throbbing pain after long hours of work. Propad’s kneeling pad is extra thick to provide your knees maximum cushioning and wide enough to allow you freedom of movement as you pick weeds, plant seedlings, or dig flower beds. It’s made from high-quality materials, so you can trust that this kneeling pad is built to last.

Best for large watering coverage: Melnor Oscillating Sprinkler

Besides conveniently watering your greens, installing a sprinkler is eco- and budget-friendly in terms of water waste. It is particularly ideal for homeowners with grass lawns since sprinklers can efficiently and evenly water large areas, therefore reducing the chances of under- or over-watering. Melnor’s Oscillating Sprinkler can be attached to any garden hose for a gentle shower that won’t be harsh for newly seeded areas. Its motor is made to last years and makes for quiet operation while covering up to 3,400 square feet with its sturdy modern sled design.

Gardening tips

Some of the items on the list are pretty necessary for a beginner gardener: A trowel, pruning shears, garden hose or watering can, garden rake, and angled shovel. A trowel is needed for several everyday gardening tasks such as breaking up clumps of soil, digging small holes, digging up weeds, and transplanting seedlings. Make sure the one you buy has a wooden handle and a sturdy metal blade. Pruning shears are used for harvesting fresh produce and cutting back bushes. Small branches (less than 2 inches in diameter) can be trimmed with these handheld shears. Anything larger than 2 inches will require a bigger set of branch shears.

A hose and/or watering can is needed for keeping your plants hydrated. Be sure to get a hose that reaches from your outdoor faucet all the way to the garden and consider adding a spraying attachment so you can control the flow of water. Use a watering can to get to plants you can’t reach or if you’re just container gardening. A good tip is to water early in the morning because temperatures are lowest at this time of day. Also, avoid evening watering because it can make the soil too wet and create a perfect environment for bacterial to breed.

A garden rake is a metal rake with uniform tines that allows you to create a level soil surface while removing weeds. An angled shovel will be useful for digging holes, moving soil, and relocating plants. The angled shovel head is helpful when completing all of these tasks.

The other items on the list above are not absolutely necessary but will make your gardening life more comfortable. A garden hoe comes in handy when the soil you are working with is full of clumps and weeds that the garden rake won’t get through. Use the hoe to cultivate tough and overgrown land since it will help you chop and remove tough areas. Garden gloves are not required but certainly protect your hands while digging in the dirt. They keep your hands clean and protect them from cuts while working. Look for gloves that are water-resistant and have cinched wrist areas to keep soil out.

A kneeling pad will save you knees while spending time out in the garden. They are soft enough to protect your knees and small enough to move around with you. The pad will also keep your pants (or bare knees) from being dirty all the time. A sprinkler will help with watering when you don’t have the time to stand outside with the hose. You can set the sprinkler up and let it go for 20 minutes or so and then move it to the next area that needs watering.

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