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7 ways to wear your favorite pair of yoga pants

Oh, glorious yoga pants. How we worship your inventor. Thank goodness someone was sick of doing the “jeans dance” and decided enough is enough. Your yoga pants are probably one of your best friends. You have five of the same exact pair because they are so comfortable.

But how do you wear them all of the time without looking like you ask people riddles to cross a bridge? If you know only a few tricks on how to properly style your yoga pants, you’ll never have to worry about jumping around to get a pair of jeans to get over your hips. Let’s look at how to wear yoga pants any other way than as bedtime pajamas.

Wear for yoga

So simple, we know, but let’s start at the beginning. You should always wear yoga pants when you go do yoga. There is nothing more distracting than trying to do tree pose with baggy sweatpants that catch your foot.

Plus, yoga pants and yoga tops help keep everything in and tight while you are working on your core strength. You get to wear fun patterns and styles of yoga pants and show off your newest pair.

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The classic gym day look

The first way is to wear them in their most natural state. Your favorite tennis shoes, a tank top or matching sports bra, and you are ready for a workout. If it’s colder outside, throw on any sweatshirt that’s clean. They were originally intended to workout, so wear them that way.

Make sure you try on before you buy. Every brand (and there are dozens of them) has a different fit for their yoga pants. You don’t want them saggy and rolling down, and you don’t want them too tight and digging into your lumps. You want the Goldilocks right kind of fit.

The casual look

If you are going to be out and about running errands, might as well be comfortable. You’ll be doing more walking than anything anyway, so it’s like a workout. Throw on a cute tee and a fun jacket with your yoga pants and tennis shoes for a look that won’t scream that you just worked out. When you probably didn’t, that’s okay.

If it’s colder out, an adorable oversized sweater can still do the trick. A more casual shoe, like a flat slip-on sneaker would do. It won’t even matter if your hair is in a third-day braid, you’ll still look like you showered sometime this week.

Going out somewhere where you might see people you know

If you are going out with friends or getting dinner with a friend or your partner but it’s not dressy, you can layer up your yoga pants for a look that says someone is allowed to speak to you if they bump into you.

Take your yoga pants and throw on a cute fashion top, then layer a jacket or oversized blanket scarf over that. Or do a long tunic top and oversized cardi. Depending on the weather, you can do a low boot or a flat sandal. Make sure they are full yoga pants, though — don’t wear capris for this kind of look.

Take it up a notch

Now if you are going out out, like out, then you can still make this happen without putting on jeans. If you wear a cute enough top that covers your butt and some really adorable footwear, no one will look closely enough to see that you are still in yoga pants.

A higher boot, like a knee high or over the knee would work perfectly. It’s stylish but also will cover up the majority of visible yoga pants. A long sweater or fashion top will cover your butt and still look stylish. Then, you have to accessorize. A cute bracelet or necklace will be the finishing touch and let others know that you planned this outfit.

A hangover situation

Did your best friend call you the day after the awesome night out and suggest brunch? Do you not want to change out of your yoga pants? No problem. You can attempt to fix your hair and face at least. As long as you don’t throw on flip-flops or tennis shoes, any footwear will be okay. Again, cover your booty with a longer sweatshirt or sweater. You probably don’t want to be too layered up, since being too hot in that condition won’t do anyone any favors.

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To birthday parties, family get-togethers, and more

Worried about what to wear to the fifth kid’s birthday party this month? Sick of sticky fingers getting all over your favorite slacks? Well, then put on your fun patterned yoga pants. It’s casual enough that you can run around with the kids or feel comfortable sitting with your family, but you can still style it up. If you wear a bright color or bold print, then keep the top simple and neutral.

Then, you won’t mind if grubby hands grab your leg for another snack. You and your cousins can have an impromptu dance party at the family reunion, and you won’t have to worry about splitting your jeans.

Go ahead, throw those yoga pants on, and keep your comfort going all day long. There’s no choosing fashion over function with yoga pants — you get the best of both worlds. Now that you know what to wear with yoga pants, your imagination is your limit. Please remember though, cover your butt if you aren’t at the gym. You don’t want all of Target knowing what color underwear you have on. If you’re interested in more, make sure to check our list of the best yoga towels.

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