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Cute at-home date night ideas for Valentine’s Day

Yes, we’ve all spent what feel like an eternity at home this past year. When thinking about your Valentine’s Day plans, it may feel like that’s the last place you want to celebrate with your significant other, but there are tons of fun ideas you can do at home to make your loved one feel special.

If you’re fresh out of ideas for fun at home, no worries. We’ve scoured the internet to bring you some ideas you may not have thought of before that will sweep your Valentine off their feet and win you major points. It’s all about using your imagination. Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be stressful, so kick back, relax, and peruse this list — there are one or two ideas here that are bound to pique your interest.

couple making fondue
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Fondue for two?

Fondue was a ’70s favorite that never went out of style — and for good reason. You and your date could opt to put together an entire fondue party with meat, cheese, bread, and fruit, or decide on an all-dessert chocolate fondue. Either way, fondue is simple, easy, doesn’t take a lot of time or effort, and is always delicious. For something a little different, try adding flavors like peppermint, cinnamon or Irish cream to the chocolate.

Carpet picnic

You may have been eating in a ton, but have you turned your meal into a picnic before? Throw a bunch of comfy blankets on the ground, light a few candles, and create an indoor spread that you’d have outdoors. Consider doing a bunch of small plates that you and your Valentine can share, like a cheese board, tartlets filled with brie and cranberries, or a charcuterie board with all their fav meats. You know what they like to eat — make it a picnic of all their top-ordered items for a fun way to celebrate. It’s all of the romance with none of the bugs.

couple playing board game
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Game night

If you and your partner have a bit of a competitive streak, plan a game night filled with games old and new, and make a night of it. Place them around the room, and make a little game of moving from spot to spot to compete with each other. There’s nothing wrong with putting a little wager on the games either. It’s Valentine’s Day, so let your imagination go. Winner gets a back rub? Loser has to give a foot rub? There are no wrong answers here. It’s fun to have a little skin in the game (pun intended), especially on such a romantic day.

Plan your next getaway

Why not spend Valentine’s Day planning your next romantic summer getaway? Buy your loved one travel books from a place they’ve been dying to visit, research restaurants, museums, beaches, and other places of interest and make a plan. If you prefer to go where the wind takes you on vacation, make a list of places you’d love to visit and research the best time of the year and travel routes. Make a night of it!

outdoor backyard camping

Outdoor glamping

If you live in a climate that lets you enjoy the outdoors in February, set up a tent and decorate it before your valentine gets home. Put up twinkle lights, fill the tent with blankets and pillows, and set up some romantic music. If you have the space, make a fire. Bring a few sweet treats out with you, and spend the night gazing at the stars, talking, and unplugging from everyday stresses that life brings. Fall asleep snuggled up, and you may find that this becomes an annual event that’s special to the two of you.

For those of us who have kids, finding time to go out and find a babysitter can feel more like a hassle than anything. Make bedtime a little earlier on Valentine’s Day, and try your hand at one of the ideas above. We promise it will be more memorable that any date night you’ve spent out and about.

Valentine’s Day is meant for spending time with the person you love. It doesn’t have to be a night out at a crowded restaurant. In fact, it can be more romantic and memorable if you put time and energy into planning a night at home. Think about what your partner loves and create an environment that allows you to share time together.

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