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The best whitening mouthwash to achieve those pearly whites

Restore your smile’s natural beauty without any hassle. In our suggestions, you will find formulas based on hydrogen peroxide, activated charcoal, and coconut. So, no matter what type of oral-care products you like, you will find the perfect match. Start improving your teeth’s appearance with our carefully selected collection of the best whitening mouthwash options.

We love that nowadays you can combine antiseptic mouthwash with whitening effects. This simplifies your routine and allows you to recover your natural color as it reduces any stains in your teeth and protect you from plaque and other oral diseases. You can also find both gingivitis mouthwash and antifungal mouthwash on our curated list.

Crest ProHealth Advanced Mouthwash

Best Freshness

Experience superior fresh breath and get visible results with the Crest ProHealth Advanced Mouthwash, a powerful formula that harness the whitening power of hydrogen peroxide. This alcohol-free mouthwash strengthens your enamel, prevents cavities, and kills the germs that cause bad breath.

Listerine Healthy Multi-Action Fluoride Mouth Rinse

Best for Sensitive Teeth

If you have sensitive teeth, the Listerine Healthy Multi-Action Fluoride Mouth Rinse will provide gentle protection to your enamel and remove teeth stains in as little as five days. Get a brighter smile and fight bad breath with this advance fluoride-based formula that cleans 100% of your mouth. Just swish twice a day for 30 seconds and to get 24-hour defense for your mouth.

Essential Oxygen Certified All-Natural Mouthwash

Best Organic Mouthwash

The Essential Oxygen Certified All-Natural Mouthwash is an amazing organic formula that uses aloe vera, peppermint, rosemary, eucalyptus, and other natural oils to clean, whiten, and protect your teeth. This 16-ounce bottle is the most natural way to fight bad breath and get that bright smile back.

You can turn your smile into your best attribute with a consistent dental care routine, including flossing, brushing, and whitening your teeth. We created this curated selection for you. Find the best product to complement your teeth maintenance and feel confident at all times.