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The best supplements for potassium to keep you healthy

Most magnesium and potassium supplements come bundled together. This is because these two minerals synergize once inside the body. Magnesium serves as the vehicle for potassium to be moved inside and outside the cell. When this happens, your heart works its best. Make sure you give your body a hand and try using some of the best supplements for potassium available.

Muscles and the nervous system are the most affected by potassium imbalance. Therefore, this mineral is very important to your health. The muscle you are the most concerned with is the heart. Potassium regulates the strength you heartbeats and if your levels are off, it can affect the tissue and create arrhythmic patters.

NOW Supplements Potassium Citrate

Best Potassium Supplement

With 180 pills to each bottle, the NOW Supplements Potassium Citrate is an excellent essential mineral that is highly bioavailable and created under the highest standards of quality. Each capsule contains 99mg of supplement and is absorbed easily by the human body.

Nature Made Potassium Gluconate 550mg

Best Easy to Swallow

If you are looking to improve your heart function, then you want to try the Nature Made Potassium Gluconate 550mg, a specialized formula that helps nerve and muscle function associated with cardiac disease. It is also a great way to regulate water balance, avoiding both swelling or dehydration. It ships with 100 tablets per bottle with a total of 550mg of potassium in each tablet.

Country Life Target-Mins Calcium Magnesium Potassium

Best for Absorption

For the most advanced formula, try the Country Life Target-Mins Calcium Magnesium Potassium. This supplement combines threekey minerals to provide superior absorption by the body. This combo has been known to support cardiovascular health. It may reduce the loss of bone material as well.

Maintain optimal levels of all the vital minerals with a combination of a fresh food diet with plenty of greens and veggies with reliable supplementation. Use this curated list with the most advanced potassium supplement formulas and take another step in your health and wellness journey.