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The best blood pressure monitors for professional readings at home

Keeping an eye on your blood pressure can prevent heart disease, strokes, and other major health problems. Whether you currently have high blood pressure or not, monitoring your blood pressure at the doctor’s office can be difficult for a few different reasons.

The most obvious one is that most people don’t have access to daily doctor visits so there are natural limits to how frequently they can take your blood pressure. Another is that doctor’s visits are a source of anxiety for many people, and the process of nurses administering tests to determine how healthy you are can be especially stressful. That anxiety can cause spikes in your blood pressure and lead to blood pressure test results that may differ from your usual blood pressure levels. Home blood pressure monitors allow you to check your blood pressure in a more comfortable environment.

Home monitoring helps you measure your blood pressure daily so you can log it, track changes, and share a more accurate picture of your health with your doctor.

These are our favorite blood pressure monitors.

Paramed Blood Pressure Monitor

Best overall

The Paramed Blood Pressure Monitor counts with a large, easy to read LCD display and oversized numbers. Its cuff ensures proper arm position every time, while the device’s memory can save 120 sets for two users, and the integrated alarm reminds users when it’s time for a reading.

Paramed Manual Blood Pressure Cuff

Best manual monitor

The Paramed Professional Manual Blood Pressure Cuff comes with a universal cuff that fits all body types and ensures professional readings at home without a stethoscope. It has a metal air needle for maximum reliability, is made from long-lasting materials, and is also compact for travel.

Paraned Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

Best wrist monitor

The Paramed Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor provides clear and easy readings on a large LCD display, in less than 30 seconds. Its memory stores up to 90 readings and, with its lightweight design, this wrist monitor is portable and easy to store.

Accuracy, ease of use and tracking capabilities are the most important elements to help you choose the blood pressure monitor that is right for you. With a reliable monitor that fits your lifestyle and needs, you can provide your doctor with data that can ensure an accurate medical diagnosis and an effective treatment.

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