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Orange essential oil: What you need to know

The aromatic fragrance or essential oil of the orange plant is power packed with health benefits. Orange essential oil smells amazing and can help you to feel your very best. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about using this essential oil to boost your health and wellness.

What is essential oil?

Essential oil is a product that you can buy commercially or create yourself. Commercially available products in this category are made by condensing the essence, also known as the smell or odor of a plant, into a more concentrated form.

Essential oils are a powerful way to bring potent, plant-based therapies into your life. Some essential oils encourage hair growth, some alleviate depression and anxiety, while others support weight loss. Oranges have a huge number of health benefits, and using the essential oils of this plant is a great way to reap those benefits.

Charge up your energy with orange oil

Eseential oil bottle with orange slices

Smelling the aroma of freshly picked oranges is quite an invigorating experience. When you use orange aromatherapy products, you can have that farm-fresh smell whenever you like. One of the main reasons people use citrus fruit-based essential oils is because of the energizing, uplifting effect they can have.

Believe it or not, there are many people out there who swear by the use of orange aromatherapy for energy. Simply smelling their orange scent stick or releasing a few drops of potent orange essential oil onto their skin or clothing is enough for them to feel invigorated and ready to face the day.
Science is beginning to have a better understanding of why this traditional use of orange aromatherapy is so powerful. If you are looking for a natural pick-me-up, instead of reaching for a chemical-laden energy drink try orange essential oil instead.

While orange essences promote a huge number of benefits, unlike many other similarly energizing products, the number of side effects and negative potential is quite low. Plant-based therapies such as aromatherapy products can be powerful ways to boost health and vitality in a natural way that truly complements our bodies instead of working against them.

Benefits for the mind, body, and spirit

Good quality orange essential oils truly produce amazing effects for the entire mind, body, and spirit complex. Research into these products is always expanding, but here is a snapshot of some of the medically verified benefits of orange oils:

  • Improved energy
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Reduced depression
  • Antimicrobial activity
  • Natural skin moisturizer
  • Pain relief
  • Balances mood
  • Improved exercise capacity
  • Anti-cancer properties
  • Antioxidant support
  • Weight loss
  • Increased satiety
  • Insecticide support
  • Decreased inflammation

Wow, there really are a ton of ways to feel better simply by bringing orange essential oils into your life! While aromatherapy and other essential oil products may not be the answer to treat every physical or mental health-related issue, they can provide low-impact relief for many issues.

Always consult a medical professional before adding a form of complementary alternative medicine to your doctor’s recommendations. In most cases, orange essential oils are considered extremely safe and well tolerated by most people.

How to use orange essential oils

Simply smell your aromatherapy product. Sometimes the simplest and easiest way is also one of the best. This is true when it comes to enjoying orange oil. Many people love to carry an essential oil bottle or scent stick with them and simply pull it out as needed to enjoy a whiff of this soothing aromatic essence.
We recommend that you do not smell directly out of the orange essential oil bottle because, if your product is very potent, it can burn your nasal passages. Instead, place a few drops on your skin, a piece of paper, fabric, or something similar. Never ingest the oil.

Create your own orange moisturizing cream, massage oil, or lip balm. Simply combine one to three drops of a high-quality orange oil product with one to three teaspoons of carrier oil, such as jojoba, coconut, almond, hemp, or olive. Test you homemade beauty tonic on a small area of your skin before applying to more sensitive areas such as your face.

Use your special tonic once a day and you will likely be impressed by the smooth, skin-balancing effect of this natural product. Your orange moisturizing balm will smell great and leave your skin looking soft, supple, and less blemished.

Many people love to reap the benefits of orange aromatherapy at work. With a diffuser, you can easily aromatize the air in your office. Because orange oil is such a mood booster, this is a great choice for a stressful environment.

Place drops of essential oil around your space. When used in your home, orange essential oil not only provides health benefits but can be a useful way to keep insects away. Fill your home with a deliciously fresh and uplifting scent today. Orange oil is popular for all the right reasons.

May you smell sweet and delicious things

Orange essential oil bottle

Orange oil products are becoming popular around the world because of the many potential benefits they offer. While these products are mostly safe, be sure to consult a medical professional before adding orange essential oil therapy to an existing medical regiment. Use your essential oil on your skin and around your home. We think you are going to love bringing orange aromatherapy into your life.

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