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Use these bike mounts to keep your focus on the road and off your iPhone

You spend a lot of money on your phone, and the thought of it falling and shattering into pieces can leave your heart feeling the same. If you log serious miles on your bike outdoors, you’ll want to protect your investment with a bike mount that keeps your phone safe and secure.

We researched the quality bike mounts available so you don’t have to and created a list that’s worth your time and money. All of our selections are easy to install, fit most cell phones, and aren’t going to make a big dent in your wallet (so you have more money to spend on the latest and greatest bike gear).

Our top picks

The Quad Lock cases fit the iPhone 11 and many other models, and its Universal Adaptor ($15) can be combined with the company’s Out-Front Mount ($40) to offer the most secure way to mount your smartphone to your bike. There is minimal vibration on even the bumpiest of roads or trails. According to the description, you can mount the bike holder to the handlebar in less than 10 seconds, and it gives you 360-degree rotation.

The Rokform Pro Series is the bike phone mount for you if you need a magnet design for bumpy terrain like trail rides or if you have an Android phone. Similar to the Quad Lock, you have to pair it with a Rokform phone case. The Pro Series Mount with the Rokform Crystal Case or Rugged Case both work well.

Best performance for value

The Ailun Silicone Strap is one of the least expensive bike phone mounts you can buy, coming in at under $9. It is simple to remove and install if you have multiple bikes and has a universal clamp to fit most handlebars. It also has an adjustable grip with 360-degree rotation and fits almost every phone on the market.

Similarly, the Roam Universal Mount comes in under $20 and will securely fit almost any cell phone up to 3.5 inches wide (which covers most phones on the market).

Best one-handed mount

The Tackform Enduro Mountain Bike Mount is the ultimate phone mounting solution if you need to do anything with one hand. It’s made from high-strength aluminum, according to the description, and “will endure the roughest of terrain while keeping your phone seated securely in the phone cradle.” The best part is that you can easily remove or replace the phone with one hand. It can also be mounted in both landscape or portrait mode.

The options above will not only keep your phone safe and secure, but they will also keep you safe while you ride. The last thing you want to do is handle your phone or take your eyes off the road because accidents can happen in an instant.

While there is a wide range of bike mounts on the market, these are the best depending on what’s most important to you and what type of rider you are. The bottom line is that you should be concentrating on having a good ride and not worrying about your phone. All of the above will do the trick.

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