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Why everyone should have a good hair care routine

When you consider all the physical elements that are tied to your perception and appearance, hair ranks high on the list. Unless you are bald (which is a fantastic statement in its own right), the way you choose to style, cut, color, and care for your hair is truly a reflection of you. Not just in terms of your personality, but your hair can also give away a lot about your health, hygiene, and even your mental state. Let’s comb through a few different points that confirm just how vital a good hair care routine is.

Hair care promotes positive self-esteem

woman with brown hair slightly smiling
Park Street/Unsplash

We all know the difference between a good and bad hair day. But, what if you were to learn that there is psychological truth in the mental benefits to clean, healthy hair? Socially, it is understood that looks do matter and impact our personal and social lives. When we experience security and confidence in our physical presentation, we are more prone to maximize the way in which we engage with the world around us. When we have repetitive experiences saturated in positivity and confidence, it affirms our potential and encourages us to achieve more. You can see how a very happy cycle can be supported by something as simple as hair care.

Hair care maintains vibrant color

Whether you opt to dye your hair or let your natural color reign, proper hair care can actually maintain and enrich the shade of your ’do. For example, shampoos with sulfates can strip color, especially in the case of synthetic color. Depending on the water supply where you live, hard water can impact color quality. Filtered shower heads can be a game changer in cultivating a softer water supply.

woman with bright red hair
Engin Akyurt/Unsplash

And even though those nice, hot showers feel great, there is evidence that constant hot water can fade both dyed and natural color over long periods of time. This is because heat naturally breaks down color. Heating tools cause the same types of damage. The more you can avoid blow dryers, straighteners, and curling irons, the better. Rich color is a key indicator of healthy, hydrated hair.

Good hair care doesn’t have to be complicated

What exactly is a good hair care routine, anyway? It may seem like there are many moving parts, but crafting your hair care routine is actually quite simple. Break it down into three different classes: Washing, combing, and styling. When you wash your hair, you are cleaning it, but most shampoos also strip essential vitamins and oils in the process. This is why shampoo should always be accompanied by a quality conditioner. Conditioner helps to hydrate your hair and restore some of the elements you lost when shampooing. Ideally, you should not wash your hair daily, but every two to four days.

Next, combing or brushing hair is actually very important. It minimizes breakage and can also stimulate the follicles in your scalp for strong growth. Lastly, when styling, be aware of the amount of product and heat you apply to your hair. When in doubt, minimal use of both is best. But when you do apply heat, make sure to use a protectant and moisturizing agent on your luscious locks.

Time changes your hair

young girl and older woman at table
Andrea Piacquadio/Unsplash

Aging brings many changes, and one of those changes is attached to your scalp. Yes, hair can change in thickness, texture, and color as you age. It is important to be aware of how your hair feels and behaves in order to adapt to these changes effectively. In the case of thinning, this is usually due to a change in hormones and may be aided by certain vitamins, oils, and shampoos.

If texture changes cause your hair to feel either overly dry or overly greasy, you may need to purge your bathroom cabinet for more specific products to fit your type. And of course, if you find that menacing white or gray hair unexpectedly, know that your lifestyle can impact the rate of that change. Habits such as excessive drinking or heavy smoking can accelerate graying hair. Time comes for us all, it is true, but it doesn’t have to come for your hair.

Healthy hair reflects good physical health

woman with long, curly, blonde hair
Tim Mossholder/Unsplash

Hair can betray all kinds of circumstances happening inside your body. Thyroid issues, immune disorders, anemia, deficiencies, dehydration, and much more can be recognized through our hair. Some of these circumstances cannot be hindered through good hair care alone; but in some instances, particularly hygienic problems, your hair care could make a massive difference. The more familiar you become with the strands growing from your head, the more easily you’ll be tipped off when something is amiss. Take care of your head and everything under it!

Being proactive about hair health is a simple yet vital part of self-care. Our hair not only expresses to others the way we see ourselves but directly reflects our overall level of wellness. Nurturing your hair promotes good perception. It aids in the preservation of vibrant color. A hair care routine is easy to maintain and can help you cope with the changes age will bring. So go ahead, give yourself a pat on the head, and give it a brush while you’re at it.

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