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10 gifts fitness fanatics will love

We all have fit and healthy people we call friends. Those folks who visit the gym daily, watch their diet, drink health infusions, and passionately believe in supplements. They love to talk about their workouts and routines, try to get us to share their energy-boosting drinks, and join their gym so you can work out together.

Those kinds of people are special. They also deserve a special gift for their special day. Everybody loves a good gift. And giving a great one to someone can feel like you are receiving one in return. So why not give a gift that really means something. Here are 10 thoughtful, interesting, and personalized gifts for the fitness fanatics in your life.

Muscle Pro Stainless Steel Insulated Protein and Beverage Shaker

All workouts call for a drink. Why not give them a tumbler that can mix their protein shakes, insulate the cold for 24 hours, and warm for 12? Muscle Pro’s stainless-steel insulated protein shaker is a multi-purpose and practical hydration assistant. Toss in your powders and mixing liquid, add the handy whisk, and shake it on up.

This shaker is not only great for keeping your pal’s drinks cold, but it’s also eco-friendly. Using this shaker for their workout drinks and as a tumbler for daily use cuts back on disposable container waste — putting less trash in landfills. Muscle Pro’s liquid-loc technology guarantees this shaker to be leak-proof, keeping their cars and selves clean no matter what kind of energy they burn off while using it. The shaker’s 20 oz. capacity will also help them stay hydrated throughout the day, giving their bodies the big gulp of water it needs to keep them moving.

Healthyoga Eco Friendly Non-Slip Yoga Mat

As many health and wellness enthusiasts know, getting in a well-rounded workout is important. Staying centered is part of gaining wellness, so give your fitness-feigned friends and family the perfect yoga mat to release their daily stresses. The body alignment system, specifically the lines seen on the mat itself, allows them to relax and focus — moving their hands and feet into a more accurate position for each pose, if necessary. This is extremely important for yogis, as the true reason for doing yoga is to center yourself and relax. The mat is oversized, making it ideal for any body shape. Healthyoga mats are made free from any latex, PVC, or heavy metals, making this a wonderful and safe gift for all your yoga enthusiasts.

Best Choice Products 3-Piece Kettlebell Exercise Weight Set

Experiencing the burn after a good, intense workout is something most gym enthusiasts look for. Lifting weights and toning muscles are a big part of feeling that burn, so why not help them get the same sensation at home with the three-piece kettlebell weights from Best Choice Products? These ergonomically designed weights make it easier to maneuver them while in use. The varied weights are great for all varieties of workouts and exercises such as squats, presses, thrusts, and more. The convenient rack provides a place to store the kettlebells between uses. Having workout equipment at home allows for more flexibility in the day and gives gym-goers a chance to skip the treadmills and workout at home when necessary.

OlarHike Resistance Band Set

One key ingredient to a healthy and well-balanced workout is resistance training. Having a good set of resistance bands on hand will give your favorite fitness fan an opportunity to get in deep stretches and workouts even from the comfort of their own homes. This set comes equipped with five different bands of varying tensions ranging from 10 pounds all the way up to 50. Also included with this kit is a workout guide, handles, a door-safe anchor, carrying case, and ankle straps. The 100% natural latex bands will help work the chest, legs, bi-ceps, abs, gluts, back, and more. These bands really are like having their own personal gym in their home, allowing for complete toning all over. These bands are great for lower impact training as well, making them perfect for physical and occupational therapy, recovery from injury, weight loss, and sports training.

Yamay Smartwatch & Fitness Tracker

The Yamay fitness smartwatch is a versatile and functional gift that will track an exercise enthusiast’s steps, sleep, active hours, and keep them up to date on notifications. The smartwatch is compatible with iOS and Android and can be synced over Bluetooth, allowing them to read texts, check emails, and take calls while on the go. It’s sleek and stylish design helps this smartwatch go from their favorite gym buddy to their outfit’s perfect accessory. Its innovative waterproof technology allows this watch to go with them in the pool or shower. The 7-plus day battery life takes this smartwatch over the top, making it an essential gift for any health and wellness freak in your life.

Bogi Cooling Towel

The instant-cooling technology of Bogi’s instant cooling towel will keep your fitness friends chill and refreshed even after the most intense workouts. Its unique woven bamboo fibers will quickly wick away moisture and heat from their bodies, providing immediate relief from overheating and exertion. This towel is super lightweight — making it easy to carry through workouts, at home, and in the car.  Its convenient carrying bottle allows them to quickly snap the towel onto their gym bags or keychain. Because this product is reusable makes it wonderfully eco-friendly. They will love its versatile uses. Whether it’s at the gym, at home, after yard work, or at the beach, this towel is an essential item to have in their bags.

Monster Wireless Earbuds

Give wellness fans the gift of crystal-clear audio while they burn calories and tone muscles. These wireless ear buds come complete with three sets of silicone ear tips and a self-charging case that wirelessly charges the buds while not in use. In addition to being conveniently wireless all the way around, these ear buds are also water- and sweat-proof — making them perfect for use at the gym or any hard-hitting exercise routine. With these ear buds, they will enjoy crisp audio for all their playlists, podcasts, and premium shows. They also are excellent earbuds for business calls, working from home, or catching up with friends totally hands free.

The Gym People High Waisted Leggings

No one likes to work out in uncomfortable clothing. Why not have your friends looking and feeling great in a pair of these super soft, stretchy, and stylish leggings? Exercising requires flexibility and movement, even when it comes to apparel. The high-waisted leggings by The Gym People are made from super thick and stretchy material that will give them the support they want and stretch they need. The tummy control top includes four-way stretch material and helps support the stomach muscles. The side and interior pockets of these leggings can hold all the gym essentials, making them a great gift for any gym goer.

TaoTronics Deep Tissue Massager

With intense workouts can come intense cramping or pain from overworked muscles or injury. Having this extremely useful deep tissue massager from TaoTronics will have any “gymbody” relaxing and massaging away pain and discomfort in minutes. The massager comes with six interchangeable heads and 20 adjustable speeds to work out any muscle discomfort. Its clear LCD display makes changes in speed and intensity a breeze and its anti-slip handle ensures the massager will not leave their hands. This deep tissue massager will leave their sore muscles and tired joints rejuvenated in no time, getting them back to the gym even faster.

Saguaro Men’s & Women’s Barefoot Gym Shoe

Lightweight and super comfortable shoes that help them achieve tops speeds and stay dry while working out hard are essential tools to gym success. The stylish, comfortable, and functional unisex gym shoe by Saguaro will have any “gymmie” jumping for joy. These shoes are not just for gym goers, they are also excellent for running, walking, biking, and water sporting. Easily put them on and take them off, needing only to tighten or loosen the drawstring — making getting ready for or decompressing from the day even faster. These neat shoes are available in a variety of colors, sure to suit any of the personalities on your list perfectly.

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This collection of gifts is sure to have your gym-loving friends and family sweating harder and working out stronger than ever before. Treat them to some awesome and carefully selected products.

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