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5 types of fitness products that will make 2020 the year of you

Get your health and fitness goals in order with the right piece of clothing or equipment that will help you along the way. Whether you’re looking to bulk up with a consistent fitness plan, or you’re performing bodyweight exercises on a daily basis, or you’re simply following a basic guide to staying healthy, finding what works best for you is easier when you have the right tools. These fitness products will make it easier to track your progress, facilitate your workout, and truly enjoy your fitness journey.

Fitness Trackers

Nowadays, it seems like there’s a new fitness tracker hitting the market every day. If you’re unsure of the smartwatch for you, or if you were lucky to score a tracker during the holidays, their features make it easy to stay on a consistent fitness plan. Maybe your goal is to train for a 5K marathon this year. Maybe you just want to accomplish 10,000 steps a day. No matter the objective, an activity tracker will help monitor your heart rate, manage your sleep,  count your steps, and more.

The popular Fitbit watches use SmartTrack to help you keep a consistent workout regime. The newest Fitbit is the Ionic smartwatch with built-in GPS that retails at $270. However, if you’re unsure how much you want to spend on wearable technology, there are a lot of alternative smartwatches averaging only about $100. These are all the Fitbit models with the best online prices.

Sport Headphones

Best sports headphones Sowak Bluetooth S13 Noise Canceling Waterproof Wireless Sport Earbuds

The right headphones will help make or break your workout. You don’t need to wear costly Apple AirPods either, in fact we rounded up some of the best workout headphones. When looking for workout headphones, you want to decide if you want wireless or wired, sweat-proof, waterproof, noise-canceling, and of course different price points. If it’s time to upgrade your workout gear, these are some of the best headphones for your workouts.

Fitness Apps

In a perfect world we would hire Dwayne Johnson to be our personal trainer but knowing that isn’t possible, innovative technology has changed the fitness equation to help motivate us. Fitness apps can be used to stream sessions, coach us through workouts that fit our unique needs, and keep tabs on your calories and progression, so all you really need is a smartphone. Hiring a trainer is costly and sometimes you just want some guidance on a quick workout or yoga break. Test out these fitness apps to reach all your fitness goals and if you’re feeling up to the challenge we’ve also rounded up some great weightlifting apps to take on.

Exercise Equipment

So you’ve canceled your gym membership to build your own home gym – great. While basic exercise equipment can be high-priced, it’s worth the investment. Versatile machines that you can fit in your home make it easier to have an effective workout at your own time from the convenience of your living room or basement. Whether you’re looking to bulk up or get lean, the best quality exercise machines will help build or tone specific muscles. Interested in cheaper exercise equipment? Find the sturdiest yoga mat and more and to build your own home gym from Walmart.

Fitness Apparel

If you’ve been washing your work out clothes so frequently that the colors have faded, and the snaps have loosened, then it’s time to get new ones. Making sure that you feel great is important when working out, and sometimes the best running shorts will help boost that extra confidence you need. Online discounts make it easy and inexpensive to shop for the right workout attire. It’s no secret that Nike has some of the best training wear for both men and women.

For a limited time Dick’s Sporting Goods is also offering a 75 percent off winter clearance and up to 50 percent off on fitness apparel, plus free shipping on orders over $49. If you prefer trekking the outdoors or you like to get on your bike and ride away, than REI has markdowns of up to 50 percent on some of the best cycling and hiking gear.

If you want to know more about fitness products, check out our guide on the best stepper machines.

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