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Try these at-home remedies to manage dry hair

Oh man. You risked it and took a closer look at your ends. You did not like what you saw. Your ends are split, dry, and dull. Your hair is lifeless and screaming for help. But you are on a budget and cannot go to the local salon or hair-care store and drop a ton of money. Are you out of luck?

No, you aren’t. There are actually some easy and affordable things you can do at home to help your hair out. If you can’t make it to the salon or you don’t have the money to spring on a $50 serum, you just need to craft a hair care routine. Let’s look at some perfectly good options for at-home hair care to help bring your dry hair back to life.

In the bathroom

Great hair doesn’t start in the bathroom, but let’s begin there. There are things you are doing, or not doing, at shower time that could be causing your dry hair:

Washing your hair too much

Yes, you need to know how often to wash your hair. Your scalp has natural oils that keep your hair healthy. If you wash your hair too often, you will be taking those oils away before they get all through your hair.

If your scalp is dry and itchy, it could also because of overwashing. There’s really no reason to wash your hair every day. There are plenty of ways to wear second or third day hair so you don’t have to. If for some reason you need to, then you should be getting shampoo specifically for your dry hair. If you are a parent, grab your baby’s shampoo.

How you style your hair

If you love to style your hair using all of the heat, dryer, curling iron, flathead, or whatever other tools are available, you are drying your hair out, girl. If you must use heat, keep it 6 inches away from your scalp.

If you can’t do that, then put it on the lowest heat setting possible. It may take longer to complete your look, but your hair and scalp will thank you. Your hair will become less dry over time.

Woman straightening her hair in a mirror
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Before and after the shower

Let’s talk about some other home remedies for soft hair that you can do before and after your shower:

Oils and masks — they aren’t just for your face

There are hair masks and hair oils specifically for problematic hair that you should try using. Especially in the winter, you know how dry your skin gets. Your hair is the same. It wants some extra attention in those cold winter months.

You probably have some great oils in your cabinet, too. Most people have coconut oil on hand. You can put it on your ends and massage it into your scalp. You can leave it or put it on a bit before your shower and wash it out. Another good oil is argan oil.

If you have the time, wrap your hair, don’t heat-style it

I know we went over the heat thing, but if you aren’t in a hurry to go anywhere, try wrapping your hair to dry it. You don’t even have to get a fancy special hair wrap. You can use any cotton T-shirt you have. This is a good tip to know for how to make coarse hair soft and silky. It will help keep the moisture in, especially if you just did a hair mask.

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The basics

What about having nothing to do with a shower or the bathroom, what can be done to help your dry hair? There are still a few things, actually:

Trim your hair

Please get a trim. This might be the root (total surprise pun) of your problem. Your hair could feel brittle and look dull because your ends are shot. If you can’t make it to a salon but have a friend you trust with scissors close to your head, then let them at it.

If you have the guts to take some off yourself, we won’t tell you no, but we aren’t liable for any bang situations. The important thing is your hair might need to get rid of the dead weight.

You are what you eat

We know, that’s not original, but it’s true. Your hair and nails need certain vitamins and minerals. If your diet isn’t consistently healthy, you can take supplements. Not to freak out a partner, but if you grab a prenatal vitamin from the store, that would get you pretty much everything you need.

If you don’t want to take anything, then load up on food rich in vitamin A and C. You also need omega-3s, so hopefully you like seafood.

These are all things you can do at home that don’t require a ton of time or money to get your hair back to its healthy and shiny self. Sometimes the simplest answer is the best. If you change a few routines and pay attention to when the last time you got a trim, your hair will be thanking you.

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