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The best kettlebells to work out at home

Did the past year make you put on extra pounds? It may be a challenge to stay consistent with your workouts after a festive holiday season. But don’t fret. You can shed the extra weight and get back into shape with exercise (and a healthy diet, of course), regardless of your fitness level or physique. To get you started, you can try upping your fitness routine with a variety of equipment such as resistance bands, weights, mats, dumbbells, and kettlebells.

Incorporating kettlebells into your regimen is said to build muscle and improve balance, coordination, and core strength. With these benefits in mind, it’s time to jumpstart your workout routine and stay fit throughout the year (and hopefully, beyond) with the best kettlebells from different brands such as Kettle Gryp and Bowflex.

At a glance:

  • Best Investment:
  • Best Cast Iron: 
  • Best Vinyl-Coated :
  • Best for safety:
  • Best overall: Kettle Gryp Adjustable Weight Grip
  • Best soft kettlebell: Bionic Body Soft Kettlebell with Handle
  • Best smooth handle: Everyday Essentials All-Purpose Color Vinyl Coated Kettlebells
  • Best for beginners: Best Choice Products 3-Piece HDPE Kettlebell Set

 Best investment: Bowflex SelectTech840 Kettlebell

Bowflex SelectTech 840 Kettlebell

Purchasing multiple kettlebells is a wise investment, but it is wiser to choose an all-purpose kettlebell for your workout. Shaped like a water jug, Bowflex’s wallet-friendly, space-saving kettlebell comes with a dial that allows you to change its resistance from 8 pounds to a whopping 40 pounds. This equipment is perfect for novices and intermediate-level athletes who want to challenge themselves without spending wads of cash. 

Best cast iron : CAP Barbell Cast Iron Kettlebell

Cap Barbell Enamel Coated Cast Iron Kettlebell

Available in 5-pound and 10-pound increments, CAP Barbell’s enamel-coated kettlebell can handle any type of workout as it is manufactured from durable cast iron, guaranteeing longevity and resistance against corrosion. It also boasts a wide, secure grip so that you can hold it with one or two hands — perfect for athletes who have large hands or those who want a more comfortable workout session.

Best for Vinyl-Coated : Yes4All Vinyl-Coated Kettlebells

Yes4All Vinyl-Coated Kettlebells

If you’re a fitness junkie looking for a high-quality vinyl-coated kettlebell for your rigorous fitness regimen, then Yes4All’s kettlebell may your next workout buddy. The kettlebell’s vinyl finish prevents floor stains and damage, making it a viable addition to your home gym. Thanks to its flat base, you can store this equipment upright on a rack so that you can show off your growing kettlebell collection with your friends and family.

 Best for safety: REP Fitness Kettlebells

REP FITNESS Kettlebells

Having difficulty choosing a functional yet secure kettlebell? Fortunately, this kettlebell from REP Fitness does not skimp on functionality as it features an ergonomic, matte powder coat handle to ensure maximum comfort and safety during your workouts. Not only does a powder-coated matte handle prevent rust, but it also protects your hands from cuts caused by chipped enamel.

Best overall: Kettle Gryp Adjustable Weight Grip

Kettle Gryp is a portable attachment that turns a dumbbell into a kettlebell. Despite it being adjustable, you can guarantee that it’s durable. Specially designed for travel or to be used as an accessory for your home gym, this clamp takes up little space, is lightweight, and can hold dumbbells up to 55 pounds. With this kettlebell, you can start your workout anytime, anywhere.

Best soft kettlebell: Bionic Body Soft Kettlebell with Handle

If you’re up for a versatile workout experience, you’ll get that with this soft kettlebell by Bionic Body. With its ergonomic handle, you can exercise with big movements. It is also easy to carry around and doesn’t take up much space to maximize your gym at home. This soft kettlebell also comes in different sizes so that you can try out cross-training and HIIT workouts.

Best smooth handle: Everyday Essentials All-Purpose Color Vinyl Coated Kettlebells

Are you looking for a kettlebell with a comfortable grip? You’ll get your money’s worth with Everyday Essentials’ kettlebell. With a vinyl-coated finish, the kettlebell is as stylish as it is durable. You can use it to engage the larger muscles in your body for a full-on workout routine. It’s great for both lower- and upper-body exercises.

Best for beginners: Best Choice Products 3-Piece HDPE Kettlebell Set

If you’re a newbie at working out, you need a kettlebell set to target all muscle groups. Best Choice Products’ Kettlebell Set includes weights of 5-, 10-, and 15- pounds for varied ways to exercise. They also have an ergonomic design, which makes them easy and comfortable to hold. Aside from that, the set comes with a base rack, which makes storing your kettlebells easier. Depending on the kind of workout you want to try, this kettlebell set can adapt to it.

How to choose a kettlebell

Investing in a kettlebell is worth the shot if you want to get back into shape. It all boils down to picking the kettlebell that best suits your workout routine or your budget. For example, a kettlebell like Bionic Body Soft Kettlebell might be what you need if you want workout equipment that is versatile and easy to use. If you want a more convenient option, you might want to invest in an adjustable kettlebell like the Bowflex SelectTech 840 or a kettlebell set.

Don’t underestimate yourself when choosing your first kettlebell, especially when you have experience in weight training. It is recommended to choose a heavier kettlebell to help you become stronger and reap its benefits. That way, you will not outgrow it and purchase a new one in a short span of time. With the right weight, you can generally use the same kettlebell for your workouts for weeks.

You also need to consider the kettlebell’s handle. The handle should be resistant to chipping and wide enough for you to hold it securely and comfortably. Look at the kettlebell’s bottom too. Does it have a flat underside? If it does, then rest assured that the kettlebell will not fall when you place it on a rack. Pay attention to the coating as well. A vinyl-coated kettlebell can color to your home gym and offer floor protection, but the vinyl may gradually peel and crack. If you are ready to sacrifice aesthetics over functionality and quality, then a cast iron kettlebell will be a better alternative as it offers corrosion resistance.

Overall, choosing a high-quality kettlebell — despite its steep price — is an investment that will step up your workout routines and lifestyle.

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