The best hand lotions to prevent premature aging

Hands are one of the first body parts where people tend to start showing the signs of aging. Lotion is one of the tools that can be used to combat this premature aging scourge. Even if you’re not worried about aging, having soft, moisturized hands is nice — for you and those you touch. Enter, hand lotion — a commonly used household product to fight the common condition of having dry hands.

When picking out a hand lotion, you will want to consider any allergies to fragrances and how dry your hands are to start with. The right lotion for you should provide long-lasting moisturizing to refresh dry skin without feeling oily or greasy. We’ve found some of the best hand lotions on the market to help you develop and maintain a softer touch.

Eucerin Advanced Repair Hand Cream

Best overall

Eucerin Advanced Repair Hand Cream is the best fragrance-free option for hand lotion. It’s made for very dry skin, and comes in  2.7-ounce tube, in a pack of three. This advanced repair hand lotion’s formula helps repair dry skin and provide the moisture that hands and fingers crave.

It’s formulated with Ceramide-3, natural moisturizing factors and nourishing Shea Butter. It provides noticeably smoother hands after just one use, and is non-greasy, fast-absorbing, and dye-free.

Camille Beckman Glycerine Hand Therapy Cream

Best with essential oils

Camille Beckman Glycerine Hand Therapy Cream is the best hand lotion made with essential oils. It comes in a variety of scents, including black amber orchid, blackberry lavender, camille, cucumber aloe, and many more. There are 20 scents in total, and the lotion is sold in a 3-ounce bottle.

You can purchase this lotion in eight package variations in different ounce bottles. This product is made with plump, juicy berries and lavender essential oil to create an invigorating blend to enhance awareness and soothe the skin. It’s made with  Paraben, Dye, it’s vegan and gluten-free, is non-greasy, and is made in the U.S.

Gold Bond Men’s Essentials Intensive Therapy Lotion

Best for men

Gold Bond Men’s Essentials Intensive Therapy Lotion is the best hand lotion for men. It’s sold in a 13-ounce bottle and can be used on your face, body, and hands. This lotion is rich, thick, and nourishing for very dry, problematic skin.

It’s made with vitamin C and provides antioxidant benefits, as well as vitamin E, which enhances your skin’s protective function and help minimize moisture loss. Gold Bond offers the ideal skin remedy for itchy and irritated skin. They also sell related body care, foot care and first aid products for dry skin, foot odor, minor cuts, sunburn, insect bites, and other skin issues.

Dry, itchy and cracked hands can be incredibly uncomfortable, no matter who you are. Choosing the right hand lotion for you can mean the difference between relief and a continually uncomfortable situation with your hands. Consider formulas and specialities when it comes to choosing the best hand lotion.

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