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The best hairbrushes for a polished look

If your hair is more than a few inches long, you probably use a hairbrush for styling and keeping tangles out of your hair. Hairbrushes are also said to stimulate hair growth by increasing blood flow to the scalp. Hairbrushes come in all shapes and sizes and are made of different materials. Depending on your hair type, texture, and style, the sort of brush you need will vary.

The best hairbrush for you will avoid unnecessary breakage and help you achieve your goals for hair growth and styling. Many people have been advised not to brush wet hair because it increases the breakage — but for people with curly hair, the opposite is often true. To avoid breakage and frizz, those with curlier locks should only brush their hair when it’s wet. People with thinner hair will probably need a softer brush than people with thick hair.

Keeping those factors in mind, let’s take a look at which of the hairbrushes we’ve picked out might be the best choice for your individual hair needs.

At a glance

Best Overall: Wet Brush Paddle Detangler

Wet Brush’s paddle-style brush allows you to get to tangles without causing breakage or too much pain. It uses ultra-soft “intelliflex” bristles designed to preserve the texture of your hair by gliding through tangles and giving way when they need to. Aquavents allow water to drain quickly, making it a good option for the shower, and it works on all hair types.

Best thermal brush: Olivia Garden Ceramic Thermal Brush

Olivia Garden’s ceramic brush uses a round design with short bristles to smooth hair gently for more shine. Vents allow heat to pass through, helping you style your hair more quickly. The ceramic barrel helps with consistent styling and ionic charged materials cut down on frizz. It comes in several sizes for different lengths of hair.

Best boar bristle: Bestool Boar Bristle Brush

Bestool’s Boar Bristle brush is a good option for thick, normal hair. It helps smooth frizz and take care of tangles without causing issues or breakage. Soft bristles are embedded in a flexible base designed to help improve circulation to your scalp. The wooden handle is curved for a better grip, and it’s safe for all hair types, including synthetic and weaves.

Best for curls: Pattern Shower Brush

pattern shower brush

Every curly-haired girl or guy knows how time-consuming it can be to detangle their mane. Curls tangle a lot easier than straight or super-fine hair and can dry up pretty quickly too. This detangling brush from Pattern Beauty (Tracee Ellis Ross’s haircare line), gets the job done easily in the shower. Detangle your strands while you’re conditioning them and you’ll be done in no time.

Best luxury: Mason Pearson Handy Mixture Bristle Brush

mason pearson brush

This hairbrush is not cheap, but it can barely be kept on store shelves. It’s almost always sold out and up for pre-order due to the super high demand behind it. But, why the hype? Well, all Mason Pearson brushes sit on in a handmade rubber-cushion pad that the brand has patented because of how unique and special it is. This brush, in particular, is a perfect mix of both bristle and nylon to pass smoothly through each strand of hair. It’s not rough on the scalp, and does a great job at stimulating it to encourage hair growth.

The right hairbrush is a vital part of your hair’s health. Whether you want the frizz-taming benefits of boar bristle or the styling ease of a ceramic barrel brush, the right one can take styling from a chore to a delight. Give your hair everything it needs with the right hairbrush like one from our list, and increase your chances of a great hair day.

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