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The best dumbbells to start working out at home

Ready to supercharge your workout? Sure, it may be difficult to gain lost momentum after a festive holiday season. But if you are excited to get back into shape and stay consistent with your routine, you have to consume healthy food and invest in high-quality, yet affordable dumbbells. You don’t need pricey exercise machines for your home gym as resistance bands, kettlebells, and yoga mats are also cost-effective alternatives to up your fitness level.

Whether you are targeting specific muscle groups with underwater exercises or toning your body on the ground, dumbbells are versatile enough to offer several benefits such as improved cardiovascular health, endurance, and muscle strength. If these benefits motivate you to become a healthier version of yourself, we’ve compiled the best dumbbells to help you jumpstart your fitness regimen.

At a glance:

  • Best vinyl: SPRI Vinyl Dumbbells 
  • Most colorful:
  • Best ergonomics:
  • Best basic: CAP Barbell Coated Hex Dumbbells
  • Best for water aerobics: Trademark Innovations Aquatic Exercise Dumbells
  • Most comfortable:
  • Most compact: ZIVA Virgin Tribell Dumbell
  • Safest to use: Egg Weights Hand Dumbbell
  • Best 2-in-1: Nice C Adjustable Dumbbell Barbell Weight Pair

Best vinyl: SPRI Vinyl Dumbbells

SPRI Vinyl Dumbbells

It’s too tedious to check each of your dumbbell’s weight during a workout. Luckily, Spri’s vinyl-coated dumbbells are color-coded for hassle-free weight recognition. These are perfect for newbies or seasoned athletes who want to have a more efficient workout in their home gym. Aside from aesthetics, the dumbbells also offer floor protection and durability.

$11 from SPRI

Most colorful: Nice C Adjustable Dumbbell

Nice C Adjustable Dumbbell Weight

Do colorful dumbbells motivate you to get back into shape? This eye-catching pair of dumbbells from Nice C comes with removable weight bars, which is more efficient than using multiple dumbbells in one session. It also features a non-slip handle for a comfy grip and injury-free workouts. This dumbbell is perfect for beginners who want to try weight training or enthusiasts who prioritize both aesthetics and functionality.

Best ergonomics: ATIVAFIT Adjustable Dumbbell

ATIVAFIT Adjustable Dumbbell

Want to save space and money? Ativafit’s space-efficient dumbbell eliminates the need to purchase multiple dumbbells as it features the push-pull GlideTech technology to help you adjust its weight — which comes in 5.5-pound increments — with one movement. Don’t worry, the plates will not fall on the floor (or on any part of your body) thanks to its secure lock groove. Not only will you get the bang for your buck, but you will also have a safe, worry-free workout session.

Best basic: CAP Barbell Coated Hex Dumbbells

We’re going back to basics with this well-crafted dumbbell. Made from iron and steel, the Cap Barbell Coated Hex Dumbbell Weights’ head shape avoids rolling and is designed with ergonomic handles for better grip and safety. It’s available in sizes from 5, 8, 10, 12, and 15-50 pounds in 5-pound increments. The dumbbell also has a hex shape on both ends to avoid it from rolling. It can also be useful for a lot of workout routines like full body and HIIT.

Best for water aerobics: Trademark Innovations Aquatic Exercise Dumbbells

Trademark Innovations Aquatic Exercise Dumbbells are specially designed for water aerobics use. Their buoyancy and low water absorption create resistance underwater and can be used for a total body workout. You can also do a full-out upper body workout with these dumbbells for optimal fitness. If you love working out in the pool, these dumbbells are worth buying.

Most comfortable: CAP Barbell Neoprene-Coated Dumbbell Weights

Flaunting a neoprene coating, these dumbbells from Cap offer both a comfortable grip and protection of the equipment. This material also provides a layer of padding to prevent your hands from getting calloused while you sweat it out. Designed with an anti-roll, hexagonal shape, the dumbbell heads keep the equipment from rolling, so you don’t have to worry about dumbbells rolling over your feet when you perform other exercises.

Most compact: ZIVA Virgin Tribell Dumbell

Compact in size, the Ziva Virgin dumbbell offers the convenience of portability and easy storage. Each one from the set features a steel structure finished with durable premium virgin rubber for comfy, strong, and ergonomic grips as well as odorless workouts. Their unique shape also prevents rolling, so they aren’t a hassle as you do other exercises.

Safest to use: Egg Weights Hand Dumbbell

The unique design of the Egg Weights Hand Dumbbell is what makes it the safest option out there. The patented finger loop secures the weight into the hand during training, eliminating the possibility of dropping it which can result in injuries. Whether you’re a beginner or a fitness junkie, this tool can elevate or put a new spin on your workout routines according to your needs and preferences. Those who are recovering from an injury or illness or suffering from a muscular degenerative disease will also benefit from using this set for physical therapy as it aids in rebuilding muscle memory.

Best 2-in-1: Nice C Adjustable Dumbbell Barbell Weight Pair

The Nice C Adjustable Dumbbell Barbell Weight Pair is a comprehensive exercise set that’s great to use for a variety of workouts. Its adjustable structure allows you to stay fit at home in many ways, from strengthening the upper and lower body and building muscles to boosting overall health and helping in weight loss. What makes this pair unique, however, is that it comes with a connecting bar so you can transform it into a barbell. The neoprene material and curve-shaped handlebar of the dumbbells ensure a secure grip and avoidance of possible accidents or injuries.

How to choose a dumbbell

Choosing the right dumbbell boils down to your preferred weight settings, budget, and skill level. If you are a beginner who wants to save space, you may want to invest in an adjustable dumbbell since it is more practical and budget-friendly than purchasing multiple dumbbells.

For the dumbbell’s weight, make sure that the pair you will purchase is something you’re comfortable using during your workout. Try it first. Is the dumbbell too light? If it’s too light, opt for a heavier pair as it pushes you to challenge yourself. After all, no one wants their workout to be a walk in the park. Likewise, don’t choose a 50-pound dumbbell if you find it too heavy to lift.

Pay attention to the place where you work out. Exercising in the pool, for instance, requires dumbbells specifically made for the water. But if you prefer working out at home, then a barbell-type dumbbell is a great choice.

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