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The 6 basic hair care products everyone should have in their bathroom

When it comes to keeping your locks looking sleek and smooth, there’s no better set of tools for that job than high-quality and all-natural products. These tools help your mane battle frizz and excess oil, rehydrate lifeless strands, and give volume. They allow your hair to move and bounce, all the while giving you the confidence to chase your dreams and hold your head up high. If you’re looking to simplify your daily hair regimen or just need to shake things up because you only have out-of-date products, we have put together a carefully-selected list of beloved and basic hair care products that get the job done without frill or fuss. These are the products folks have come to count on to get their signature look time after time.

Beautiful smiling black woman brushing her hair in her green bathroom

Lather, rinse, repeat

There are a lot of hair cleaners and conditioners on the beauty market, and those products help many different hair types. If only there was the perfect one for everyone’s tresses, right? While that’s a rather tall order, there are a set of cleansers that reigns supreme to many people from many different walks of life and hair textures. Thank God Its Natural’s moisture-rich shampoo and conditioner flood follicles with shea, jojoba, and argan oils to soften and smooth hair. The gentle cleanser and conditioner duo is proudly free of sulfates, parabens, lanolin, petroleum, and mineral oil. They also contain no artificial dyes and are not tested on animals. These products are also infused with pro-vitamin B5, which boosts moisture and prevents breakage.

If you’ve seen any recent hairstyle tutorials — or maybe you suffer from an overly-oily scalp and root area — then you’re likely familiar with the next essential product on our list. Dry shampoo has become a well-loved staple for so many people in recent years. This versatile product does an amazing job of refreshing oily roots and giving them a little bump of volume in between regular washes. Hair Dance’s dry shampoo and volumizing powder, an all-natural and vegan product, quickly wicks away oil from the scalp and refreshes the hair while adding texture and building volume. This non-aerosolized version is talc-, paraben-, phthalate-, and baking soda-free- as well.

Keep it sleek and shiny

Once you’ve washed and conditioned your locks, now’s the time to give your stands a drink of moisture and protect them from hot styling tools. Verb’s ghost oil is a vanishing daily repairing and restoring oil that also protects your hair from high-temperature flat irons and blow-dryers. Made from a blend of moringa seed oil, bamboo extract, hydrolyzed soy protein, and vitamin F, this vanishing oil melts into hair when applied to protect against heat damage, infuse moisture, smooth frizz, and boost shine. This product pumps up the moisture levels without weight hair down.

In addition to moisturizing hair oil, leave-in conditioners are also excellent products to consider keeping in your cabinet for daily usage. If you struggle with breakage, overly-dry tresses, or cringe at having to detangle your stands, adding a good leave-in conditioner to your routine may be in your best interest as well. When shopping for a leave-in, it’s important to find one that contains a heat protectant as well, such as <span class="TextRun SCXW75721112 BCX0" lang="EN-US" xml:lang="EN-US" data-contrast="auto"><span class="NormalTextRun SpellingErrorV2 SCXW75721112 BCX0">JuniorLab’s</span></span><span class="TextRun SCXW75721112 BCX0" lang="EN-US" xml:lang="EN-US" data-contrast="auto"><span class="NormalTextRun SCXW75721112 BCX0"> Silk Spray</span></span>. 


Tools of the trade

A key product in producing shinier hair, preventing breakage, and detangling is a well-made brush. Boar-bristle brushes have received a lot of attention and for good reason. These brushes use short boar bristles to easily detangle the hair, while longer nylon-tipped bristles get down to the scalp to help ease the natural sebum from the root area through the length of the hair. By doing this, users are applying nature’s very own conditioning treatment to their locks. Belula’s boar-bristle hairbrush is perfect for men, women, and kiddos with all hair types and textures. This product is manufactured from all-natural bamboo wood and authentic boar bristles. It is also untreated and cruelty-free. 

When you find yourself needing to get your hair out of your face, rubber-like hair ties are usually the product most folks will reach for. You may not know, but scrunchies are making a comeback, and we’re loving it. These soft and gentle rings are much gentler on precious manes, keeping more on your head than in your hands. Don’t let tightly-woven bands pull out your hair any longer. The silicone spiral scrunchies by Kitsch are one of the best ouch-less and no-pull hair ties due to their innovative design. This product can firmly hold hair without causing headaches or pain, and it won’t leave any undesirable kinks in your hair.  

These healthy, natural, harsh-free products and tools make excellent additions or replacements to your shower and bathroom area. If you have noticed a lack of love for the bottles you used to long and live for, there is no time like the present to switch things up and introduce your scalp and locks to exceptional and excellent-quality replacements. These products may end up quickly replacing your old favorites. But don’t just take our word for it. Be sure to check these products out for yourself, read those reviews, and decide for yourself which basic and OG products deserve to be put to the test. 

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