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Need help finding an activity tracker? Look no further

You have done something that will make you feel better and will reward you for years to come. You have decided a fitness routine is for you. Whether you’ve been performing full-body workouts with free weights consistently or just starting out on resistance band training, congratulations. You started one, you stuck with it, and now you want to continue your journey.

If you are competitive or are counting steps for health reasons, you are going to need a fitness tracker. An activity tracker is a fun little device to wear to do all of that work for you. Some tell you more information than others, but the important thing is that it works, and it works accurately to track your fitness to keep you accountable to your routine.

Tracking your activity every day, your sleep patterns, or your blood pressure, activity trackers can give you an overall health assessment so you know how you are doing and if you are improving. Let’s see which are some of the best ones.

Digital watch/activity tracker lying on a table

What should you spend

That’s always the question, isn’t it? How much should you spend on something like this. It’s not a phone, but some of them are like a phone on your wrist. It’s not just a watch. It does more than tell you the date and time. But, it’s technology, and that isn’t always cheap.

How much you want to spend is up to you, but as with all technology, the highest price doesn’t mean it’s the best. You can find decent, super-affordable fitness trackers for $50-$75, but you can also find ones for almost $400. You have to look at your budget first, then look up styles and features that you want. Don’t get caught up with features you’ll never use and a price tag you’ll be upset about later.

Best for everyday wear

Fitbits and fitness trackers don’t have to be for only working out. If you wear one every day, you can get a sense of how much you move around during the day and how active you normally are. You can also keep track of things like your heart rate and blood pressure if you have health issues.

Here are some everyday-wear choices:

Apple Watch

Obviously, Apple is one of the biggest names for technology. Apple watches come equipped with everything you need to track your fitness progress. From health features to safety features to checking your text messages, it can do it all. Being a smartwatch, you can wear it all day, as it is sleek and stylish and can do pretty much everything.

Garmin vivosmart

If you only want a fitness tracker, then this a good one. It monitors your sleep, stress (please don’t), blood oxygen levels, and more. It’s extremely reasonably priced, as well. The sleek design of this one makes it a nice discreet fitness tracker if you are looking for that. The battery also can last for almost a week if you hate having to constantly charge another device. We’re looking at you, Apple.

Best for sports

If you are into sports and need something a bit more durable, then here are some good options:

Garmin vivofit

If you want a fitness tracker that you won’t have to remember about charging, this one is for you. This one is great for sports in any outdoor condition as it’s a weatherproof activity tracker with one year of battery life. It will track your sleep and even remind you to get off your butt and get moving. If you like that kind of torture.

Fitbit Charge

If you like to listen to a bit of music while you get your workout in, then this is a fun one. You can listen to your Spotify, check your GPS, and track your sleep. It’s a really affordable option, as well.

Man jogging during day in a city

Fun for kids

Kids like to copy what adults do. It’s also important for kids to learn healthy habits. And we all know they are better at technology anyway. Here are some good ones for your little ones:

Fitbit Ace

This brightly colored Fitbit will have a long battery life, so you don’t have to worry about charging it when your kid forgot to do it. Another fun feature is that you can switch out the straps to make it more personalized for your child. It doesn’t measure heart rate, though, if that’s important to you.

Garmin vivofit Jr.

This one comes in a bunch of different patterns that kids will really enjoy. You can get this one synced up to play games, so your kids will hit their goals while having fun.

LeapBand Activity Tracker

If your kids are already addicted to LeapPad, then get them this fitness tracker. There are 50 games and activities for your kids to play, so they can’t say they are bored. The best feature is that you can set it to bedtime mode, so they can’t be up all night playing with it.

Whether you are looking for a fitness tracker for only you, your kids, or the whole family, there are some brands that win across the board. So put on your activity tracker and get moving. Because if you can’t back up how many steps you walked or calories you burned, does anyone really believe you? Keep yourself accountable with an activity tracker to keep your health on track.

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