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The best tablet pillow for a hands-free viewing experience

Everyone loves to read, watch shows, or do some online shopping, but holding your tablet or phone in awkward positions can strain your neck or cause pain in the wrist. A sturdy and lightweight tablet pillow allows you to take your device anywhere you go and prop it up comfortably, so you always stay connected with friends, family, and work.

What makes a tablet pillow stand ultra-convenient is that you get to view things at the best possible angle as it enables you to relax completely hands-free. It’s soft enough for you to place it on your lap and stable enough to mount on any surface. It’s one multi-use accessory you never knew you needed, and we’ve put together a list of our favorite tablet pillow stands that might just match up to what you had in mind.

At a glance:

  • Best overall: Flippy Multi-Angle Soft Pillow Lap Stand
  • Best budget:Ideas In Life Tablet Pillow
  • Best for convenience:  MoKo Tablet Pillow Stand
  • Best for travel: Renegade Concepts Lap Pro
  • Most versatile: Hogwild Peeramid Bookrest
  • Best for kids: BookMonster Tablet Holder
  • Most durable: iBeani Tablet Cushion Stand

Best overall: Flippy Multi-Angle Soft Pillow Lap Stand

The Flippy Soft Pillow Lap Stand offers three different positions for your maximum viewing comfort. Simply rotate to your favorite view, without having to unfold set up again. With a soft ultra-suede cover, this sturdy pillow is ergonomically designed to adjust to different heights and angles. It is also available in multiple color combos, which makes it a great gift idea.

Best budget: Ideas In Life Tablet Pillow

With the Ideas In Life Tablet Pillow, you can comfortably hold your tablet without breaking the bank. Avoid back and neck pain with this versatile and inexpensive tablet pillow that works in a variety of positions to give you a break from holding your device. It is soft and sturdy, for greatest coziness and durability. It is also cool and comfortable enough to be placed on your lap when you’re lounging by the couch or the bed.

Best for convenience: MoKo Tablet Pillow Stand

Made of elegant linen and cotton, the MoKo Tablet Pillow Stand is a modern-looking holder for all your personal devices. Its sleek design includes two pockets for headphones, pens, or cables so that everything you need is within reach.  It allows you to rest your iPad at a 60-degree angle for the optimal viewing experience and conveniently unfolds to be a lap desk when you need to get some work done. It also offers a sufficient amount of wrist support.

Best for travel: Renegade Concepts Lap Pro

If what you’re looking for is something small, soft, and light that you’ll have no problem taking on the go, then the Renegade Concepts Lap Pro might just be the one that ticks all the boxes. It can be used as a carrying tote too, with two pockets where you can stow small devices. You’ll also have no issue with adjustability as it conforms to you, with the capacity to work at odd lateral angles from 0 to 89 degrees. It is designed to be stable on any surface so it hardly matters if you have your legs crossed or are resting at a fully reclined position. 

Most Versatile: Hogwild Peeramid Bookrest

The Hogwild Peeramid Bookrest may be particularly ideal for anyone who wants to read books, thanks to a built-in bookmark at the very tip, but it can also be used to prop up various devices including tablets and Kindles. It is uniquely shaped to be both fun and functional for all ages to enjoy a hands-free experience while reading, watching, or browsing the web wherever, be it on the couch, table, floor, or on your lap. You can also keep small items in its convenient pocket.

Best for kids: BookMonster Tablet Holder

Your kiddo will absolutely love and appreciate the quirky, eye-catching design of the BookMonster Tablet Holder. It has even been awarded “Gift of the Year” in 2016 by the Giftware Association. Its overall look should blend in with your kid’s room decor and personality. It is also soft enough to be a pillow for whenever they feel like having a power nap. What’s more: Its teeth are great placeholders, it has a pocket at the back, and it’s machine washable.

Most durable: iBeani Tablet Cushion Stand

Like the rest of the items featured in this list, the iBeani Tablet Cushion Stand can accommodate tablets up to 12.9 inches as well as Kindles, books, and magazines. The large loop makes it extremely portable, and its round shape makes it easy to adjust to the optimal viewing angle. It is stable on any surface too, and the handy little pocket on its side allow you to keep your phone, cables, and earphones in check. Durability is not in question, as it is made from furniture-grade, fully washable material.

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