Best Prime Day vacuum deals 2020: What to expect

If you’re shopping for a new vacuum cleaner, hang in for a few more weeks because some of the best deals of the year may hit during Prime Day 2020. Amazon’s gargantuan summer sales event was delayed by the pandemic this summer, but now that it’s rumored for early October, you can count on loads of Prime Day deals for vacuums. Whether you’re shopping for a robot vacuum, handheld model, a cordless stick vac, or an upright, the odds are your favor of finding what you want at a super price among the many expected Prime Day vacuum deals.

When are the best Prime Day vacuum deals?

Amazon postponed Prime Day 2020 and hasn’t yet announced when the enormous sales event will occur, but you can pretty much count on seeing the highest number of the best Prime Day deals during the actual sale. Whether Prime Day 2020 lasts for one day, two days, or even longer, the best deals on vacuum cleaners will occur during the sale. However, Amazon also likes to build excitement by offering crazy-good deals in the time leading up to the sale. Because vacuums are popular, we expect to see some must-have preview deals, but the majority of best Prime Day deals will fall within the announced sale dates and times.

If Amazon offers a killer deal on a vacuum you want before Prime Day 2020, go for it. Most of the great deals are during the official sale days, but that doesn’t mean all deals will fall then. The price may be higher on the pre-sale special vacuums on Prime Day, or the product may not even be listed. If you buy early because of an excellent deal and hold till the sale, if the price drops on Prime Day, you can rebuy it at the lower price and return the original.

What Prime Day vacuum deals to expect

Vacuum cleaner prices in all categories are competitive, and most manufacturers participate in the significant sales events, but that doesn’t mean they offer outstanding discounts on all models.  The cuts rarely exceed 50%, but you’ll see deals at 35% to 45% off in two price categories: Entry-level and high-end. The major brands sell a wide range of vacuum models, and during past Prime Days, we’ve seen the best deals among the base models and for some of the top-of-the-line vacs.

This year we expect to see the best deals for robot vacuums, including combination models that mop and vacuum your floors. Brands to watch include iRobot Roomba, Ecovacs Deebots, Eufy IQBoost, and Roborock. You should also be able to find great deals on cordless stick vacuums during Prime Day 2020, but there may not be as many choices as for robot vacs. Dyson will likely have a few extra-good deals on its V7, V8, V10, and perhaps the V11 cordless stick vacuums for Prime Day.

You may see discounts greater than 50% on older models, which often don’t vary much from the newer vacuums, so grab those opportunities if you want the absolute best savings. If you enjoy the thrill of the hunt during sales events, watch for flash sales and Amazon Lightning Deals. These unique forms of sales within sales events are time-limited and can have a limited inventory, but they also can have the cheapest-ever prices, so be ready to act quickly if you watch those sales.

How to choose a new vacuum

Like most product categories, any vacuum cleaner you buy comes with compromises. For example, no one has yet designed a robot vacuum that works on stairs or upholstery, and some of the most powerful upright models are heavy and cumbersome to move around your home. Lighter weight vacuum cleaners are usually lower-powered than heavier models, and less expensive robot vacuums and cordless models often have the shortest running time between battery charges. There is no ultimate vacuum cleaner for all types of cleaning, so it’s best to weigh the various factors because you push the buy button. Below are the primary considerations in choosing a new vacuum. If you find it impossible to choose one vacuum or even one type of machine that will meet your needs, maybe the best idea is to buy more than one type of vacuum cleaner. For example, a robot vacuum for most of your flooring and a lightweight cordless stick model that converts to a handheld vacuum when needed might be your best solution.


It may sound silly to categorize a vacuum’s purpose because they all suck up dirt and dust. However, a vacuum that you only use to clean hard-surface floors in a small, open-plan apartment doesn’t need features that also make it handy for cleaning your car, boat, and garage floor. If you start by nailing down the uses to which you’ll put your new vacuum, the other choices will be simpler.

Wired or cordless

Battery operated vacuums, whether they’re robot vacs, handheld models, or versatile cordless stick vacuums, are easy to move from room to room or take outside to clean your truck bed. Wired vacuums need a cord long enough to reach power outlets, and it can be a hassle to pull the cable around. Cordless isn’t always the answer, however, because vacuums with power cords don’t need charged batteries to operate and keep working as long as required unless you have a power outage. Corded vacuums can be more powerful than cordless models, which is why commercial vacuums are wired. If you buy a cordless model, be sure to check how long it will run before it needs recharging.

Your flooring

Hard flooring, including wood, wood-like, cement, and tile, are the easiest to vacuum.  Low pile carpeting doesn’t pose much of a problem for most vacuum cleaners, but medium to thick pile carpeting generally requires a powerful corded vacuum for thorough cleaning.

Other uses than floors

Choose a vacuum based on the toughest cleaning job but also one that can work for as many types as cleaning as you’ll need. If you want to use your vacuum cleaner to capture spiders in the upper corners of rooms, a relatively lightweight cordless stick vacuum is your best bet. If you’re going to clean a baby’s car seat in the car or reach deep behind large furniture, various accessories or an extremely flexible design can help. Want to vacuum window blinds and curtains, behind appliances, and the top of kitchen cupboards? Planning ahead lessens your chance of being stuck without a useful cleaning solution.

Air filtration

If any family members have allergies or if you want healthier air, consider the air purification factors for your new vacuum. Some robot vacuums and uprights have HEPA-standard air filtering to capture dust, pollutants, allergens, and even bacteria as small as 0.3 microns. If you have particular concerns or want cleaner air, check for what the vacuum does with the air that passes through the machine.

Pet considerations

Pets with hair and dander part with the both during daily living. Dogs that shed heavily can also throw off enough hair bulk to tangles and snag vacuum rollers, brushes, and filters. If you have actively shedding dogs or cats, look for vacuums that tout their pet-friendliness because that usually indicates the parts are less likely to get tangled. Pet considerations for vacuums also include filtering allergens.


This doesn’t apply to robot vacuums, but types of vacuum cleaner often come with accessories. The add-ons can be helpful cleaning in tight spots and crevices, cleaning upholstery, and more.

Price Range

You can pay anywhere from $20 to roughly $1,500 for a vacuum for your home. There are a few robot vacuums that sell for less than $100, but most brands start with base models that list for $200 to $250 and go on sale for around $150 several times a year. The highest price vacuums are usually the most powerful and have the latest technology. Still, because manufacturers update often but continue to sell earlier models, you often can save a lot of money when you buy last year’s top-of-the-line vacuum.

Should I shop on Prime Day or wait until Black Friday?

Vacuums are a necessary purchase for every household so shopping on Prime Day is your best bet. Since Black Friday is only about a month after Prime Day, most vacuums that sell out won’t see a restock in time for Black Friday or Cyber Monday. There are also more buyers to compete with during Black Friday so you might end up seeing shipping delays that last up to a month. This is especially risky if you’re buying a new vacuum as a Christmas gift since it probably won’t arrive in time. We also anticipate discounts to be about the same on both events so the price of a product shouldn’t hold you back. Invest in a new vacuum now with these Prime Day vacuum deals and make cleaning your apartment seem less time-consuming.

Are any Prime Day vacuum deals too good to be true?

There are a few things to keep in mind before you jump on any of these Prime Day vacuum deals. Make sure you know what kind of vacuum you’re looking for and the brand you want. Always make sure to stick to household names and don’t risk buying from a brand you’ve never heard of — even if it’s a great deal. Check the product’s reviews and ratings before you buy it as well. Sometimes a product is discounted heavily because its demand is too low. It’s better to pick a product with a mediocre deal from a great brand than pick your new vacuum from an off-brand company, even if it’s dirt cheap. A little research goes a long way!

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