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Best Prime Day toy deals 2020: Deals You Can Still Shop

If you have children, you have probably struggled to come up with ways to entertain them over the past few months. You may have struggled to keep them amused after you’ve canceled your camping trip with your kids, because you really had no choice. Most of the typical daily activities for kids have also been postponed or canceled. But it’s still a good idea to let your kids play outside – even if it’s just in your backyard or garden. If you have tried to order certain toys such as trampolines or inflatable pools lately, you are indeed aware that these items have been sold out everywhere for months. So, what is a parent to do? The answer is Amazon Prime Day. You can get the best Prime Day toy deals to add to your child’s collection. Prime Day has come to a close and despite that, there are still exclusive savings and rock-bottom prices on popular brands of toys for kids of all ages you can check out.

Today’s best Amazon Prime Day toy deals

The game is simple: Press the red button to send the diver up or down the ladder while the foam increases. The game ends when the diver falls in the foam and soaks one unlucky player. more
Chutes and Ladders is a game preschoolers will enjoy playing. It is easy to understand and doesn't even require the ability to read. It will however help them practice counting and recognize numbers. more
Keep your cat occupied for hours with this rotating laser beam that works on any surface. Activate this wireless toy with a push of a button and select from preset modes to keep your pet guessing more
This brightly colored LEGO set will provide a fun, summer-themed playtime for kids. 200 pieces allow for creativity and recreation. more
This basketball hoop stand is great for kids ages 2-5 who want to play inside the house. It's easy to install and adjustable enough to have for your kid for years to come as they grow older. more
Get ready to bombards your opponent with 100 high-impact rounds. The motor can fires rounds at 100 feet per second for the ultimate battle. more
Play lazer tag in the comfort of your own home with these Nerf guns. It has sounds and effects to complete the experience. more
This boxed set includes 25 sensory toys that are perfect for relieving anxiety and stress -- the right toys to tinker with when you're bored. more
With 790 pieces of bricks in 33 colors, this LEGO set will certainly provide your kids with a fun time playing and building with their creativity and imagination. more
This cool coffee and donut stand building kit consists of 146 Lego pieces, including 4 minifigures, a bike, a coffee shop, and a dog. more
This toy cash register, which comes with a working calculator and play-money, will surely give your young ones role-playing fun and hone their math skills. more
Zombies are no match for the NERF Zombie Ripchain. The blaster can shoot out up to 25 darts when you pull the trigger. more
This toy drill set is great for preschoolers for learning about motor skills, patterning, and matching. more
Have fun playing with this Sheriff Woody action figure. Simply pull the string to hear some of his lines from Toy Story 4. more
Nerf's Mega Whistler Dart flies up to 90 feet away and makes a screaming noise when shot. This will definitely be your kids' new favorite toy gun. more
Bring to life the wonders of the world with this interactive globe. The Orboot Globe app takes children on a journey through different cultures, languages, animals, and more. more
Featuring three bush targets, six Nerf dart and clips, this blaster comes with everything you need to practice your aim. It's inspired by the popular video game Fortnite. more
Play as Cinderella, Ariel, or Rapunzel in this Disney Princess version of the game Candy Land by Hasbro. The game's goal is simple: whoever reaches the castle first is the victor. more
Kids and adults alike will find Don't Step In It entertaining. Players are blindfolded and they have to take a certain number of steps without stepping on "poop piles" (soft clay). more
Brightly colored, this toy set will not only bring visual feast to your little one. It also promotes imaginative play and supports the development of motor skills. more
This push mower features realistic sounds and bubble makers -- perfect for toddlers to play with in the garden. more
How fast can you name items in a specific category? Ellen DeGeneres' You Bet! is the perfect party game for kids and adults alike. more
Help your kid build their small Peppa Pig world with this fire station combo pack. more
This LEGO kit brings the magic of Harry Potter and Christmas together. It even includes minifigures of various characters such as Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley. more
Gift your kids a scooter that will grow with them throughout the different stages of their lives. The scooter comes with an adjustable handlebar that works for kids ages three through twelve. more
Play this classic spirit world game and let all your questions be answered. This is a fun board game to bring out for your friends to play and it would definitely start conversations. more
This Lego kit is perfect for the coming holidays. It has 24 festive minifigures that encourage creative play. more
My Little Pony collectors need this '80s-inspired Retro Rainbow Mane 6 collection. Each toy had their signature colors, but with a retro design. more
If you're looking for a fun yet easy to play, Hasbro's Crocodile Dentist is a good pick. The game's premise is simple: check the crocodile's teeth if it's sore, if you press the wrong tooth, you lose. more


$35 $40
One round of Splendor will have you coming back for more. You play as a gem merchant who is trying to outwit your competitors in a strategic game of bidding. more

When are the best Prime Day toy deals?

Prime Day always brings a week full of sales and flash deals that beat the prices of items throughout the year. Amazon saves the best Prime Day toy deals for the actual main event, but you will also see sales in the week leading up to Prime Day. Though you will likely find the most savings on Prime Day if you find a Prime Day toy deal that you like, be sure to snatch it up. Sometimes items sell out, so you don’t want to risk it by waiting for Prime Day. Also, if, for some reason, the same toy is available again at a lower price on Prime Day, you can return the toy you already bought and buy the cheaper one if it is worth it.

What Prime Day toy deals to expect

Toys are a broad category, so it’s hard to say precisely what Prime Day toy deals you should expect this year. However, if past years are any clue, you can count on the cheapest-ever pricing on the hottest toys and name brands. You will likely see sales on Fisher-Price, Vtech, Lego, Melissa & Doug, Play-Doh, Disney, Playskool, Nintendo, and many more. You will find deals on toys for kids of all ages, and Amazon helps you decide if a toy is age-appropriate for your children by listing the recommended ages for each toy in most of the product descriptions. As always, Amazon will offer the largest discounts on older models of toys, so be on the lookout for huge sales on 2019’s models. If your kid has their heart set on this year’s hottest toys, be keep an eye out for flash deals, which usually offer newer items super cheap. And be sure to check out the best organizers for kids toys.

Should I shop on Prime Day or wait until Black Friday?

There’s always a demand for toys but the demand is particularly higher during Black Friday and Cyber Monday as parents rush to get their holiday gifts for their kids in time. Save yourself the trouble and shop this Prime Day so you can get the products you want without suffering hefty shipping delays. There’s also a possibility that if a certain toy runs out of stock on Prime Day, there won’t be a restock for Black Friday season. Prices also shouldn’t vary much between these two events so don’t let that hold you back from shopping early this year. Take advantage of these Prime Day toy deals now and get ready for Christmas early this year.

Are any Prime Day toy deals too good to be true?

Amazon is going to be discounting a lot of their games and toys come Prime Day. You can even find some good deals after Prime Day. When shopping for a new toy for your loved one, always put in a little research beforehand. It might be tempting to purchase a heavily discounted toy from a brand you don’t know but sticking to household names will save you a lot of disappointment. Usually, if a deal seems suspicious, it probably is. Even if it is a toy from a brand you know, make sure to check through the reviews to see what other customers have said about it. These easy tips will save you from having buyer’s remorse during Prime Day.

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