Best Prime Day Lego Deals 2020: What To Expect

Legos are classic. Almost everyone has played with Legos at some point in their lives. Whether you loved them as a kid, have helped a sibling put a set together, or have stepped on a loose block in a dark hallway, you know that Legos are a part of many households. Since Prime Day was pushed back this year, many people have wondered when they are going to get to check out this year’s Prime Day deals. If you are a Lego lover or know someone who is, you are also probably wondering when you will get to feast your eyes on all of the great Prime Day Lego deals. We don’t want to keep you wondering any longer, so we’ve set out to discuss what we know about this year’s Prime Day and the Lego deals we will likely see.

When are the best Prime Day Lego deals?

Prime Day is rumored to be in October this year. Typically we see a ton of deals in the week leading up to Prime Day and the best deals on the actual day of the main event. This means if you are in the market for some new Legos, you should keep your eyes peeled the whole week leading up to Prime Day. If you see a set that you must have at a great price, go ahead and buy it. You may as well take advantage of the savings since there is no guarantee that the same set will be on sale again on Prime Day. If that particular item doesn’t sell out and just so happens to be discounted more significantly on Prime Day, you can always return the first one you bought and buy a new one to receive the extra savings.

What Prime Day Lego deals to expect

Amazon is sure to offer some extraordinary savings on Legos throughout the week before Prime Day and on Prime Day. Popular sets such as Lego Classics, Lego City, Lego Movie, Lego DC, Lego Marvel, and many more will likely be on sale. You may not be able to find the newest set on sale since Prime Day typically gives the most substantial discounts on older models of items, but you will definitely receive discounts on some of the hottest sets. As always, keep an eye out for flash deals on popular Lego sets.

How to choose a new Lego set

There aren’t really any specific rules when it comes to choosing a Lego set. When browsing Prime Day Lego deals, check out whatever looks interesting to you. One of the coolest things about Legos is that they have collections for all ages and all interests. Small children can start with Lego Classic Duplo sets that feature large blocks that are often educational in that they teach numbers, letters, shapes, animals, and more. One thing to be sure you are aware of when shopping for Legos is that the set you buy is age-appropriate for the person you are buying it for. Make sure the set doesn’t contain small pieces a young child could choke on. Also, make sure the set isn’t too complicated for the age range you are buying for.

Older kids will enjoy the sets that feature characters and scenes from their favorite movies and TV shows. These sets are a bit more involved than the small children sets and are sure to keep your kids entertained for hours. But not only kids enjoy Legos. Sets such as Lego Ideas, Lego Creator, and Lego Architecture are advanced enough for ages 14 and up but are often appreciated, and proudly displayed, by adults. A fun date night or game night with friends can be putting together a Lego set. No matter your age or interests, you are sure to find a Prime Day Lego deal that suits you.

Should I shop on Prime Day or wait until Black Friday?

Prime Day is scheduled only a month before Black Friday this year. This means that if popular Lego products like DC or Marvel themed ones sell out, they won’t see a restock in time for Black Friday. If you are looking to gift your young one a new Lego set, waiting to shop until Black Friday might also be risky. Since Black Friday sales aren’t exclusive to Prime members there’s a strong possibility that anything you purchase then might not be delivered in time for Christmas. We also don’t anticipate Lego products seeing a bigger discount on Black Friday, so don’t let that hold you back from starting your holiday shopping early this year. Take advantage of these Prime Day Lego deals now and keep your kid entertained for hours on end come Christmas.

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