Best Prime Day hair dryer deals 2020: What to expect

If you’re in the market for a new hair dryer, consider holding off for Prime Day 2020 (rumored to occur in early October.) While you wait for Amazon to roll out this year’s Prime Day deals, don’t hesitate to buy a new hair dryer right now if you have an emergency need. There are good deals now on consumer hair dryers, but if you can hold off for a few more weeks, this year’s Prime Day hair dryer deals could include some incredible buys from top brands.

When are the best Prime Day hair dryer deals?

Amazon rolls out most of the best Prime Day deals during the actual sale. There are also pre-sales campaigns retailers use to build excitement, and sometimes those deals are as good or even better than you’ll find during the event. If the inventory is relatively low on a product, a retailer may choose to feature it in a pre-sale rather than during the big event not to disappoint the higher number of shoppers who only show up for the big sales day (or days).

You may get the best deal much sooner. If you see a hair dryer that ticks all the boxes of your needs and preferences with a significant discount, go for it. Not all products are discounted or even offered during Prime Day, so if you have your heart set on a specific brand and model and you see it cut for 40% off or more, don’t hesitate.

What Prime Day hair dryer deals to expect

If history is the best predictor of this year’s Prime Day hair dryer deals, you can expect 40% to 55% discounts on many but not all consumer hair dryers from consumer brands such as Revlon, Panasonic, Conair, and Remington. Prime Day discounts are more elusive for up-scale and professional hair dryer brands such as Elchim, BaByliss, CHI, T3, Risk, and Solano. Dyson’s $400 Supersonic hair dryer has not been on sale during previous Prime Days but that we may see it this year.


There are two other factors to consider in shopping for the best Prime Day hair dryer deals. Older models often have the most substantial discounts during any sale, so you can expect to see great deals on previous generations or earlier styles. You can also be on the lookout for genuinely astounding deals on newer or older products during flash sales or lighting sales when products are offered either for a limited time or in limited quantities.

How to choose a new hair dryer

As you wait to see Amazon’s Prime Day hair dryer deals, you might want to nail down which type of hair dryer is best for your hair. The overview on how to choose a new hair dryer will help you decide on not only your must-have and want-to-have features, but also the price range. You may decide you’ll be happy with an inexpensive consumer-level hair dyer so you can spend your discretionary funds on other Prime Day deals, such as the anticipated bargains on the iPhone 11.  Keep in mind that manufacturers create hair dryers for different hair types, so your choice can make a big difference in the time you need to spend drying your hair and how happy you are with the results.

Hair type

There are three primary factors to consider about your hair when you’re checking out Prime Day hair dryer deals. Your hair’s length and thickness is the primary factor in how long it takes to dry. Is your hair naturally straight, wavy, or curly? It also helps to know how prone your hair is to frizzing. Hair length, shape, and frizziness all make a difference in the type of hair dryer that will be best for your hair.


Hair dryer power is determined by wattage. While you might dip lower in wattage specs for a portable, travel hair dryer, in general, you should look for at least 1,500 watts. You don’t have to spend a lot of money for that wattage, as most consumer-level hair dryers in the sub-$50 price range come in a5 1,500 to 1,800 watts. If you have a lot of hair or your hair is thick and wavy and generally takes a long time to dry thoroughly, consider 1,800 watts a minimum to get the job done relatively quickly. Above the general consumer-level hair dryers, you’ll find a group that typically lists for $100 to $200, usually with 2,000 to 2,200 watts or more power. Pro dryers often have 2,500 watts or more with selectable speeds and heat so that stylists can work quickly.


The rule is one pound. A hair dryer that weighs more than 16 ounces will seem heavier the longer it takes you to dry your hair.

Construction and dryer type

The materials used in hair dryers matters to you, not because of cost, but because different materials are better for different hair types. Plastic and metal are the most common materials with less expensive hair dryers, but other materials are best suited for specific hair types. You may have dismissed ionic, tourmaline, titanium, porcelain, infrared, and ceramic hair dryer descriptors as mere marketing, but those materials and designs have different features that directly affect how they dry hair and the appearance of the finished look. Ionic and tourmaline hair dryers both use negative ions in the air to help dry your hair. Water has positively charged ions. Ionic hair dryers blow air with negative-charged ions, resulting in faster drying time. Thick or frizzy hair benefits from ionic hair dryers. If you’re looking for volume when you dry your hair, don’t choose an ionic model. Ceramic and porcelain hair dryers also produce negative ions and are the right choice if you have thin hair, fine hair, or just less than thick wavy hair. These materials help distribute the blowing hot air evenly and gently. If you’re not sure how to characterize your hair’s thickness or waviness, a ceramic or porcelain hairdryer is a safe bet. A ceramic or porcelain hair dryer that uses infrared energy is a bit different in that it dries your hair from the inside out. Titanium hair dryers are relatively light, which makes a difference if it takes a long time to dry your hair because they won’t wear you out as quickly as ceramic and other materials. Titanium dryers can produce hotter air, which isn’t always best for your hair.

Speed and heat

Most hair dryers have different speed settings, but adjustable heat matters, too. You may find you want different settings for routine drying, touch-ups, and full blowouts. Thicker hair requires higher heat levels than fine hair. Some people also like a cool or cold heat setting to finish off their hair with a smooth sheen.


The two most common accessories included with hair dryers are diffusers that spread the airflow to preserve styles or curls. Concentrators help with straightening hair.

Price range

Consumer-level hair dryers typically list for $20 to $50. You can expect Prime Day hair dryer deals for 40 to 50% off for this common price range. Mid-range $50 to $150 hair dryers, professional models, and Dyson’s $400 list price high-end tech hair dryer may not be discounted as heavily as consumer models unless you find an incredible deal on an earlier generation model.

Should you shop on Prime Day or wait until Black Friday

With Prime Day and Black Friday only spaced a month apart this year it’s smarter to get to your holiday shopping done earlier. If you do have your eyes set on a particular brand, shopping on Prime Day is better just in case Amazon doesn’t have time to do a restock before Black Friday or even Cyber Monday. We also don’t predict prices varying by much between these two events. Also, shopping on Prime Day will save you the hassle of suffering hefty shipping delays come Black Friday and running the risk of not getting your product in time for the holidays. If you’re looking to up your hair care routine, take advantage of these Prime Day hair dryer deals now before you miss your chance.

Are any Prime Day hair dryer deals too good to be true?

Ther’s a lot of hairdryers available on Amazon with some products even priced below $10 after discounts. It’s always tempting to go for the cheaper products but be careful even if you’re only spending a fraction of your money on a heavily discounted hair dryer. That said, there are a couple of household brands that do offer affordable hair dryers like Revlon, Conair, and Remington. So if you do want to buy an extremely affordable hair dryer, stick to these names and always be sure to check the product’s rating and read a few reviews before you invest. Doing your research before you jump on an enticing Prime Day hair dryer deal will save you from the disappointment of purchasing a sub-par product.

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