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Best Prime Day electric scooter deals 2020: Latest deals

If you’re shopping for your first electric scooter or ready for an upgrade, these Prime Day deals are giving you ample opportunity to save. Prime Day 2020 is officially over for the year but there are still some good Prime Day electric scooter deals available. From Segway to Razor, Amazon is slashing prices on some of the best electric scooters in the market.

Today’s best scooter deals

This is a 2-in-1 scooter—kids can use it as a kick scooter or utilize its electric capabilities. This makes it easier for kids younger than 12 years old to learn how to ride their first scooter. more
You won't miss this Hover-1 electric scooter's iridescent color while it's on the road. Built with a 300-watt brushless motor, riders can speed up to 14.9mph for 7 miles before recharging the battery. more
Built with a rechargeable 24V sealed lead-acid battery, the Razor Power Core E100 can continuously run for up to 60 minutes. more
The Razor E200 has a full-sized deck for riders ages 13 and up. Maximum speed 12 mph, up to 40 minutes continuous use. All-steel frame with pneumatic tires for a softer ride. Load capacity 154 pounds. more
The Gotrax GXL V2 adult commuter scooter weighs 26.4 pounds and has a folding frame for easy transport, Load capacity 220 pounds, top speed 15.5 mph, and range up to 12 miles per charge. more
Built with a 300-watt motor, this Hover-1 scooter can run up 14mph and can support a maximum weight of 264lbs. It's also foldable so it's easy to carry around when you're not riding it. more
The Gotrax XR Ultra is an adult commuter scooter with a 220-pound maximum load. The top speed is 15.5 mph and the maximum range is 18 miles. The XR Ultra weighs 27.5 pounds and has a folding frame. more

When are the best Prime Day electric scooter deals?

Prime Day 2020 doesn’t fall in the usual season this year (mid-summer July date), but the odds are excellent that Amazon and other retailers will focus most of the best Prime Day electric scooter deals during the day or days of the official sale. As with previous years, however, Amazon is bound to offer some tasty early-look deals to build excitement, especially in hot categories such as e-scooters.

If you see a great deal in the lead-up to Prime Day 2020, we suggest you snap it up. Past years have shown that even Amazon’s deep inventories can sell out on occasion, and there’s no guarantee that an electric scooter with a teaser price will be offered for the same low price during the event itself — or even that it will be available.

During Prime Day, Amazon is sure to run Flash Deals and Lightning Sales, short-term, time-limited sales that can also have scarce inventory. The prices during this sales-within-the-sale can be the best-ever, but you also have to be resolute and act fast.

What Prime Day electric scooter deals to expect

Retailers are seldom big on drastic changes, especially when something works. Looking at past electric scooter deals on Amazon is a good predictor for the types of electric scooter deals we’ll see during Prime Day this year. Amazon sells a wide range of e-scooters from Razor, Segway, GoTrax, and Xiaomi. Segway Ninebot electric scooters, Xiaomi Mi e-scoots, GoTrax XRs, and many other brands have had year-low prices during several sales each year, including Prime Day. Segway has had slightly lower prices on a couple of models during Black Friday sales than for Prime Day. In all cases, though, you can expect to see discounts ranging from 25% to 35% from those brands during Prime Day.

Razor, which is both one of the earliest e-scooter brands as well as the company that has the broadest range of models and price points, tends to discount its electric scooters by about the same 25% to 35% as the other makers. Razor, however, has often offered its very best deals of the year on Prime Day. With Razor, you’re less likely to score a better price by deciding to wait for Black Friday.

For all brands, you may snag some of the cheapest-ever e-scooter bargains if you can pick up a model from a previous year. End of model year inventories sometimes appear in limited-time Lightning Deals that will cause you to shake your head in disbelief. If you like to gamble, watch for even better than 35% off deals with earlier models.

Should I shop on Prime Day or wait until Black Friday?

October is the new November. With Prime Day and Black Friday happening only a month apart from each other this year, it’s best not to put off your holiday shopping for long. There’s a strong possibility of your top choice e-scooter running out of stock on Prime Day and not seeing a restock in time for Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Black Friday is also not exclusive to Prime members so you’ll be competing with more buyers to get your chosen gadget. This means that prices might actually be slightly higher on Black Friday and that you might suffer shipping delays because of higher demand. If you are looking for a new and fun way to get around town, check out these Prime Day electrical scooter deals now instead of waiting until late November to start shopping.

Are any Prime Day electric scooter deals too good to be true?

Every brand selling electric scooters is going to see big discounts come Prime Day. Since there are so many great discounts out there you’ll want to put in a little research beforehand to decide which electric scooters are your top picks. This will save you a lot of time during Prime Day and you’ll be able to attack the best deals faster. Don’t be swayed by off-brand scooters with hefty discounts. Always stick to household names and check the reviews of whichever e-scooter you decide to buy. Beware of any suspicious deals — never buy from a brand you’ve never heard of before. These small tips will save you from heaps of disappointment during Prime Day.

How to choose a new electric scooter

If you’re buying your first electric scooter, you may already know that prices and capabilities vary within a wide range. Before you jump for a great-looking deal, be sure you buy what you actually need and want before pushing the button. Check out the type of wheels or tires, the folding, and speed. The following tips can guide your search for the best Prime Day electric scooter deals.

Purpose and type of riding

If you know you’ll be using an e-scooter to mess around the neighborhood, sticking to paved roads, you won’t put much demand on it, so you don’t have to be too concerned and can look in the lower price ranges. Electric scooters built for commuting, touring, high-speed performance, or off-road use each have unique demands, so watch for the descriptors for any scooter you consider; the terms aren’t just marketing hype, but can often help you find the right ride.

Speed and range

Many electric scooters have both a 15 mile per hour top speed and a maximum range of 15 to 17 miles. Those two factors work against each other, however, so if you ride at the top speed, you may get half the range or less. If you want the most extended range, keep the speed down to single digits until you know for sure how your e-scooter performs. Fifteen miles per hour on an e-scooter is subjectively faster than the same speed on a bicycle, e-bike, motorcycle, or car because you are significantly more vulnerable on a scooter. There are, however, e-scooters that will, um, scoot right along up to 50 miles per hour. You won’t likely see those models during Prime Day, but if you do, they’ll probably cost at least $1,000 even on sale.

Construction and sturdiness

Electric scooters always have a maximum weight capacity, so don’t neglect to check that factor early. If the maximum rider weight is 80 pounds, for example, it’s a kids’ scooter and won’t serve adults. Prices can vary a great deal depending on whether the scooter construction is primarily steel, aluminum, or even has carbon fiber pieces. Particularly rugged scooters usually make a big deal about sturdiness and durability, so be on the lookout for those factors.

Comfort and use factors

A wide enough deck so you can stand comfortably, a tall enough or adjustable height handlebar, with easy-to-understand-and-use controls can all add to the pleasure and comfort of your electric scooter experience. Few scooters have real suspensions, but in many cases, the tires can help smooth the ride.


Even though e-scooters all have pretty much the same shape elements, style can vary. Colors and finish quality can make your electric scooter look sharper but rarely affect the performance or quality of the ride.

Price range

Do you want to spend a couple of hundred dollars, or are you willing to jump to the $500 to $1,000 range? Most electric scooters on Amazon will be in those price ranges, and it helps to decide ahead of time. You should have no trouble finding an acceptable first adult e-scooter for $200 to $300. If you want special features, spending a few hundred more will get some extras, but you might not use them, so there’s no need to overspend.

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