Best Prime Day baby deals 2020: What to expect

Whether you have kids or not, you know babies need tons of things — and all of those things can be pricey. If you are a parent with a baby, you are probably always on the lookout for deals on the never-ending stream of items babies require. One of the best places to get your baby supplies is Amazon, and one of the best times to get those deals is Prime Day. Prime Day was postponed this year, which is bad news for some, but good news for those looking for Prime Day baby deals. Each year, Prime Day deals offer exclusive sales and best-ever pricing, so what better place to get your baby stuff than Amazon?

When are the best Prime Day baby deals?

For those familiar with Prime Day deals, you already know that Amazon tends to reserve the very best deals for Prime Day itself. However, Amazon has been known to whet shoppers’ appetites with a fair number of must-have offers in the run-up to Prime Day. These deals typically start the week before Prime Day. Whether you are a seasoned Prime Day veteran or not, a good bit of advice is to buy the baby items that you find on sale in the days before Prime Day. First of all, there is no guarantee that you will find that same sale again on the actual day of Prime Day. Second, even if the same baby items are on sale again, they may not be as cheap as they were days ago. Don’t worry about buyers’ remorse or jumping the gun on a particular sale; you can always return the baby stuff and repurchase it if it ends up being cheaper on Prime Day.

What Prime Day baby deals to expect

Baby deals is a huge category, so it is hard to say what you can expect for Prime Day this year. However, we can look at years past and predict what types of items you will see discounted. All kinds of things from diapers to car seats, bottles to towels, and toys to playpens will be on sale for Prime Day. You can count on all of the name brands such as Huggies, Graco, Pampers, Nuk, Fisher-Price, LBtech, Hudson Bay, CuddleBug, and many more offering rock-bottom prices on featured items. Strollers will see discounts of up to 36%, diapers will likely be discounted anywhere from 20% to 40%, baby toys will be on sale for up to 40% off, and baby clothes will be up to 50% off. Be sure to keep an eye out on flash deals in the days leading up to Prime Day.

Should I shop on Prime Day or wait until Black Friday?

If you’re looking to stock up on baby supplies, waiting until Black Friday won’t do you any good. Since Prime Day and Black Friday are stacked really close to each other this year, most products that sell out on Prime Day may not see a full restock in time for Black Friday and by extension Cyber Monday. There’s also the added uncertainty of getting your products in time since Black Friday usually sees a heavy demand surge. If you’re worried about price, we don’t predict discounts being any bigger on Black Friday than they are on Prime Day. So if you are a Prime member, take advantage of these Prime Day baby deals now instead of waiting until late November to get shopping.

Are any Prime Day baby deals too good to be true?

Prime day will have huge discounts on every brand out there — even ones really not worth your money. Whatever you’re looking to buy, make sure you do your research in advance to avoid any disappointment. A great place to start is reading reviews and checking ratings of the products you want to buy on Amazon. Also, make sure to only stick to household names like Pampers for baby wipes and Fisher-Price for any toys and cradles. A little research will save you a lot of trouble while shopping these Prime Day baby deals.

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