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Best cheap leaf blower deals for February 2021

If you’re looking for cheap leaf blower deals for hassle-free and inexpensive cleanups in your backyard or driveway, you’ve come to the right place. We scoured the internet and gathered all the best leaf blower sales available online right now — whether it is a gas-powered, cordless battery-operated, or an electric leaf blower you need. We’ve also found some of the best electric snowblowers.

If you’re in the market for the hottest power tool deals this year, we’ve also found some great Ryobi deals and discounts on snowblowers.

Today’s best cheap leaf blower deals

  •  — $65, was $78
  • $80, was $100
  • BLACK+DECKER 20V Max Lithium Sweeper$82, was $110
  •  — $129, was $149
  • Snapper 1696775 Cordless 750 Watt Handheld Leaf Blower$180, was $200
  • — $190, was 520
  •  — $249, was $340
Coming from the brand's Turbine Blower family, the Worx WG591 Turbine Cordless has a max power input of 56V for up to 125 mph airspeed and 645 CFM. It also features a brushless motor for efficiency. more
This leaf blower has a long thin nuzzle, perfect for cleaning hard-to-reach areas on patios, decks, driveways, and garages. The tube also has a built-in scraper to remove matted leaves. more
Built with an ergonomic rubber handle, you can comfortably carry this cordless leaf blower while sweeping away debris from your garden. The airflow on this tool can reach up to 550cfm. more
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A vacuum and a leaf blower all in one? It's the KIMO 2-in-1 Leaf Blower & Dust Vacuum! It is cordless and lightweight while having variable speed, so you can lug it easily for any cleanup tasks. more
Remove grass clippings, leaves, and other debris from your garden quickly with this Makita leaf blower. Its blowing can go up to 120mph and it has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. more
With up to 225mph air speed, you can clean the outdoor and indoor areas of your home, especially since this leaf blower as well as a vacuum cleaner. more
With an air speed reaching up to 130mph, you can remove leaves from any hard surface in no time. It's also lightweight and its lithium battery can last up to 18 months. more
The Black+Decker 20V Max Lithium Sweeper also works as a leaf blower for hard surfaces with an air speed of up to 130 MPH. Also, it only weighs 3.7 pounds to reduce fatigue when using it. more
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No need to deal with annoying wires. This leaf blower runs on a 2.0Ah battery and has two powerful speed options so you can efficiently clean your garden. more
With an airspeed of 120 MPH and airflow of 80 CFM, the Worx AIR Cordless Leaf Blower/Sweeper will sweep debris even on hard to reach surfaces. Also included are the 20V battery and the Quick Charger. more
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Have the power of a two-in-one device with the Avid Power Cordless Leaf Blower. Not only is it capable of blowing leaves away, but it also doubles as a sweeper with 130 MPH airspeed. more
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The KIMO 4.0Ah Cordless Leaf Blower has a lightweight design but packs powerful airflow with variable speed up to 20,000 RPM. It also doubles as a vacuum with a powerful suction capability. more

How to choose a leaf blower

A leaf blower is an essential yard maintenance tool as it helps us get rid of leaves that fall from trees a lot more easily. But, just like with picking the best snowblower deal, there are also a lot of things that you should consider in buying a cheap leaf blower. We have a few tips for you that you may use when you look among the wide selection of leaf blower deals available online. Let’s get started.

Leaf blower types

First, you need to know that there three different types of leaf blowers, which are handheld, backpack, and walk behind. Handheld leaf blowers often have a lightweight design for maneuverability and are ideal if you have to tidy up small areas like porches, gazebos, or a small lawn. Meanwhile, backpack leaf blowers offer more power and run time, so if you have to clean garages or any sizable fields, go for this one. Lastly, wheeled, walk-behind leaf blowers are the most powerful out of the three, while maintaining comfort for extended usage. Pick this one if you need to clean large areas.

Power sources

Next up is the power source of leaf blowers — electric, gas, or battery. Corded electric models offer steady power but at the expense of having a power cable and extension cord hanging around, limiting mobility. Gas-powered leaf blowers offer maximum blowing and run time, which makes them the best for cleaning up large areas. But we aware that they take more care and maintenance, such as flushing old fuel, and cleaning the outside of carburetors and fan blades. Gas-powered blowers also tend to be the noisiest of the options. And finally, battery-operated leaf blowers provide the best mobility and are very low-maintenance, saving time and money, but compromising on power and run time. Since batteries run out of juice, you might want to have a spare on hand if you’ll be using a cordless leaf blower on a large area.

Other features and accessories

You also need to check other specific features, such as the air blowing power of the leaf blower. Typically, the measurements are miles per hour (MPH) for the airspeed and cubic feet per minute (CFM) for the airflow. So keep a close eye at those specs. You may also see some leaf blowers equipped with a brushless motor, which gives more efficiency and durability for the tool. And lastly, keep a closer look at the deals as there might be something like “Bare Tool Only” stated on it. What that means is that you’re only getting the actual leaf blower, nothing more, nothing less. And if you buy, for instance, a cordless leaf blower with that stated, you have to buy a separate battery and charger for that one, aside from the other accessories you might need.

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