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These are the best Casper mattress deals and sales for June 2020

Since healthier mattresses are often on the pricey side, we keep an eye on their sales whenever we can. And ever since our Casper Original Mattress review, we’ve been monitoring Casper mattress deals in particular — because once you buy one cheap Casper mattress for your household, you’ll probably end up buying another. From their innovative design and next-level comfort to the five-star convenience of delivery to your doorstep, Casper mattresses brings all the qualities today’s mattress shopper seeks and places them directly at your feet. Let’s check out some of the latest Casper mattress sales.

Today’s Best Casper Mattress Sales 

Casper Original Mattress — $990, was $1100 

The Casper Original never disappoints with its cooling technology and 3 zones of spine-aligning support. The company’s proprietary AirScape offers both a top layer of cushy breathable foam and a series of tiny holes that wick heat away from the body, keeping the sleeper cool all night. All sleeping positions will benefit from the foam support under the lower back, hips, and waist, while the gentler, uber-soft foam under the shoulders gives relief to the upper body. Available in six sizes from Twin to California King. Get a stellar Casper Mattress Deal for $990 today, down from $1,100. You’ll get a 10-year limited warranty and a 100-night risk-free trial to make sure you like it.

Casper Wave Hybrid — $1400, was $1500 

Anyone in need of top-level back support will love Casper’s Wave Hybrid. Available in 6 sizes (Twin through Cal King), the Wave Hybrid integrates three layers of breathable foam and cooling gel, a layer of foam and springs for added support, and carefully placed gel pods throughout the mattress to relieve pain and keep the spine in place. What’s more? Sleepers can enjoy reflecting on the innovation that allowed 121 recycled bottles to be used in the process of making the mattress cover. Check out a Wave Hybrid Casper Mattress Deal for $1400, (it was $1500) and save $100.

Casper Nova Hybrid — $2400, was $2600 

Enjoy the coziest slumber of all on the Casper Nova Hybrid. The plush top layer stretches in 4 unique ways over seven layers of spine-aligning support, two layers of cooling, breathable foam, and a series of lift-creating foam with springs. The Nova Hybrid’s mattress cover is comprised of 70 recycled bottles. The best part is you get to keep it for a 100-night sleep trial to make sure you love it before buying. Get a Casper Mattress Deal on a Nova Hybrid for only $2400; it was $2600.

How To Choose A Casper Mattress 

Sleepers will want to consider their essential needs when buying a Casper mattress. Let’s see what each offers and who they’re best for:

  • The Casper Original: For those who like to remain flexible, move often, and place a high value on convenience, the Casper Original is ideal. It’s made of foam only, lightweight, and arrives at your door ready to inflate in moments. Drag it from room to room on your own as often as you like. It’s priced the lowest of all the Casper mattresses too, so for those on a budget, look at the Original first.
  • The Casper Wave Hybrid: If you’ve got back pain, the Wave Hybrid is here for you, providing superior back support as well as cooling technology for those who might sleep a little on the warm side. Foam, spring and cooling gel pods come together to promote sleep, hold the spine in place, and relieve the stress of the day. The Wave Hybrid’s price is about mid-range for Casper, and the unique mattress cover comprises 125 recycled bottles for the eco-conscious shopper.
  • The Casper Nova Hybrid: The Casper Nova Hybrid offers an abundance of features, more than all the other Casper mattresses, with the greatest spinal support, plenty of cooling foam for the hot sleepers, and some springs for a bit of bounce. You’ll spend a little more on this one, but we think you’ll be pleased with it; enjoy it for 100 nights for your sleep trial just to make sure.

Are Casper Mattresses Firm?

Generally, you’ll find the hybrids to be a bit firmer than the foam-only Casper mattresses. So, the Casper Nova Hybrid would seem to offer the most in firmness, while the Wave Hybrid would likely be a solid second place, and the Original as a Hybrid would probably come in third.

Do Casper Mattresses Sleep Hot?

With the cooling technology provided throughout each of the Casper Mattresses, it’s doubtful any of them would allow someone to sleep hot. Sleepers of all kinds will enjoy the support and cooling of all three Casper Mattresses — with the most features available in the Nova Hybrid overall, then the Wave Hybrid, and finally the Casper Original.

Are Casper Mattresses Organic?

There is no information indicating they are organic on their website. However, their foams are certified CertiPUR-US, meaning they’re made without ozone-depleting chemicals and regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) emissions for indoor air quality.

We hope you’ll consider a Casper mattress today, and take them up on their offer for a 100-night sleep trial. This is such a great way of letting customers see how they’ll really feel about their mattresses over time — and more often than not, they love it and keep it! Whether it’s support you need or cooling technology, eco-friendly innovation, or the convenience of doorstep delivery, you’ll find it with a Casper mattress.

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