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Best Lego deals for February 2021

If you want to give something undeniably classic that all ages can enjoy, then you sure can bet on some of the best Lego deals. The great thing about Lego sets is that they can be quite the stress reliever. And now that it’s best to stay home, this can be taken on as a fun hobby you can enjoy indoors. Now is a great time you can get one as retailers such as Walmart, Amazon, and Target slash the prices of the best Lego kits and robotic Lego kits. Plus, this way, you’re spared from the hassle of delays due to shipping later on.

We have got you covered on the best Lego deals you can find online, be it replicas, famous landmarks, or fan merchandise that will bring your favorite movie character and scenes to this world.

Best Lego deals 

Any fan of Minecraft would love to receive this Lego set from Minecraft Dungeons. The set includes four iconic Minecraft heroes namely Hex, Hedwig, Hal and Valorie which you can equip with weapons.
Anyone who is an avid fan of the sitcom Friends will definitely love this building kit. Transform your space into Central Perk and roleplay the iconic scenes along with the character figures.
Allow your kids to build the perfect summer scenario with this Lego Ice Cream truck kit. Aside from the building pieces for the truck, it also includes an ice cream lady, a skateboard, and dog figure.
Your imagination is the limit with this LEGO set with 35 colored blocks. You can start building toy trains and a tiger figurine among others. The blocks are also compatible with other LEGO sets.
Give your preschooler this exciting number train set by LEGO. They will be able to learn how to count from 1-9 and enhance their building skills while having fun setting up the toy train.
Take your kid's Minecraft obsession to the next level with this building toy set specially made for Minecraft fans. This set features 3 sections where kids can have fun playing and create adventures.
Bring your kid's favorite Frozen characters to life with this Disney castle building kit. Your kid will have an awesome time assembling a three-story castle with Elsa, Anna, and Kristoff mini dolls.
All sides of this aesthetically pleasing Empire State Building model are highly detailed, offering a satisfying building experience for art, travel, and history enthusiasts.
Bring your Super Mario adventures to life with this expansion set featuring the classic Toad Village. If you want to build and play an interactive treasure hunt in person, this is your chance.
Remember those train sets you had as a kid. This set is like that but better because it's Lego and it's on sale.
Relive the beauty of Harry Potter with this building set by LEGO. Anyone will be able to recreate the Dursley’s family home where Harry grew up and got into all sorts of crazy situations.
This San Francisco building set captures the essence of the San Francisco skyline with models of the city's most iconic architectural marvels, from the Golden Gate Bridge to the Transamerica Pyramid.
This LEGO set is great for StarWars fans who are looking to learn how to write computer programming code. It comes with all the pieces to build three Star Wars droids that you can bring to life.
Bring New York's landmark to your own home or workspace with this Lego Statue of Liberty. The kit comes with 1685 pieces including the ones needed to complete the signature crown and golden torch.
Recreate the scenic Big Apple with this Lego Architecture model kit. This model comes with iconic landmarks of New York including the Empire State Building and One World Trade Center.
Indulge in different rescue adventures with this LEGO set. It features a Scout tower, an toy truck, and a toy garage, complete with LEGO City minifigures.
The LEGO Skyline Collection features a bunch of -- you guessed it -- famous skylines. Tokyo, Paris, and San Francisco were all spotted at discounted prices on Walmart.

How to choose a Lego set

There are a good amount of Lego deals available now, but which kit should you buy? Anyone who’s into the Harry Potter franchise will love the Lego Harry Potter Privet Drive set. The kit includes all the pieces needed to build the Dursley family home where Harry Potter grew up in. Your favorite characters Ron and Harry will join you on a crazy adventure around London on the way to Hogwarts with Weasley’s flying car. This set also comes with the Dursley family figurines out to make Harry’s life a living hell. While the set is recommended for muggles ages 9 to 14, it’s also great for adults looking for a fun way to entertain themselves.

If you know someone who is a Marvel and Lego fan, the Lego Marvel Avengers Compound Battle set is sure to be a win during the holidays. Let your significant other live out their comics dreams and by assembling their own teams of superheroes including Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Hulk, and Ant-Man. The coolest part about this set is the Avengers HQ building that features floor-to-ceiling windows, a helipad, a meeting room, and high security. Of course, the Avenger set wouldn’t be complete without some villains to fight off. Builders can stage a battle and defeat Thanos and the Outrider.

Where to find the best Lego Sales 

  • Amazon: Amazon has a handful of Lego sets on sale, from Harry Potter Lego kits to Minecraft ones.
  • Target: Aside from reducing the price on some sets, Target is offering shoppers who spend $50 on select Lego kits to get a $10 gift card.
  • Walmart: Like Target, Walmart has serious discounts on select Lego sets. From deals on Marvel Avengers kits to ones for younger kids, there is something for everyone on your list.

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