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Why you need an insulated water bottle year-round

We all have different workout styles and preferences, but the one thing we should all have in common is having a trusty insulated water bottle to get us through the sweat session. Not only is using an insulated bottle better for the environment, but it’s better for you, too! Because it’s vacuum sealed with two layers of material and crafted of stainless steel, an insulated water bottle will maintain the temperature of your drink for up to 24 hours. 

Perhaps you’re heading out on a run but can’t bring a water bottle with you. Your ice-cold water will still be waiting for you when you’re done, even on the hottest days! If ice-cold drinks aren’t your style, your insulated water bottle can sustain room temperature and warm drinks at their temperatures. Most insulated water bottles are suited for hot drinks, so if you need coffee to fuel you for an upcoming workout, you know which drinkware piece to turn to!

Besides keeping your drinks warm or hot, insulated water bottles will benefit you in other ways as well. Thanks to their stainless steel design, these water bottles are made to last. Even if you bring one on a hiking trip and accidentally drop your bottle, it’ll survive the fall! Stainless steel is an extremely sustainable material, so you should have your bottle for years before needing a new one.

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Drinking out of plastic water bottles may be convenient, especially when they come in a pack, but they’re extremely damaging to the environment. Disposable plastic water bottles tend to end up in landfills even though they can be recycled. Think about how much waste you can prevent even with just one reusable bottle! Because insulated water bottles are crafted from stainless steel, they even take less energy to produce than plastic water bottles. You’ll be totally eco-friendly with your new bottle.

Plus, unlike many plastic bottles, insulated water bottles are BPA-free. Many plastic products, including most water bottles, are crafted with BPA, a chemical compound. When drinking out of plastic water bottles, you may be unknowingly consuming BPA because it can, unfortunately, seep into your water. Additionally, unlike plastic, stainless steel won’t transfer any odd flavors. Your water will remain crisp and fresh instead of funny tasting water you sometimes drink out of plastic. As a bonus, most brands produce leak-proof stainless steel bottles.

We’ve picked out a few of the best insulated water bottles, so your next HIIT session, yoga flow, or basketball game is about to be a whole lot better. Just make sure your drink of choice is totally chilled before pouring it into your bottle!

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The Hydro Flask water bottle and Swell bottles tend to be pretty popular among the general public. Swell crafts their bottles with a triple-vacuum-sealed design, so your water will stay ultra cold throughout your entire workout session. You’ll get to choose from a variety of designs like marbled pink or a basic black, and they have a ton of sizes. Plus, you’ll get to tote the iconic Swell-shaped water bottle! 

Hydro Flask makes sure that condensation is nowhere to be found, no matter how cold your drink gets. Just like Swell, you’ll get to pick your favorite color and size, in addition to mouth size. Opt for a wide mouth (especially perfect if you want to use it for coffee) or a bottle with a straw lid.

The staple

Yeti is most well-known for its coolers, so it’s no surprise that they’ve created one of the best insulated cold water bottles. Besides keeping your drinks ice cold, this Yeti bottle features a cap with a built-in handle for easy carrying no matter which size you choose. As a bonus, you will love that this bottle is dishwasher safe. 

24 hours of chill

ensures that your water will stay chilled for a full 24 hours. If you need coffee or tea, you’re guaranteed 12 hours of heat! Fortunately, the bottle is sweat-proof, in addition to having one of the best drinking lids around. Opt for a wide mouth lid or one with a straw — each one securely locks into place to prevent spillage, in addition to having a hinged carrying handle.

No matter which insulated water bottle you choose to go with, you really can’t go wrong with any of them. No matter what temperature it is outside, if you are taking part in a heavy-duty workout session, the last thing you want is your originally-iced water to turn lukewarm. Ensure a refreshing sip before, during, and after every workout with an insulated water bottle.

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