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Not all gloves are tech-friendly — these are our favorites

As it becomes colder and we bundle up in our mittens and gloves, we no longer have access to our phones if we have a smartphone! Most gloves are not technology-friendly, so you’ll have to take them off before you can answer a phone call, send a text, or pick your next song. On days when it’s especially cold out, the last thing you want to do is relinquish your hands to the cold. Touchscreen gloves are prime for wintery days because you can text and follow your directions without having to constantly remove your gloves. 

We’ve found some great technology-friendly gloves to make your next outing in the cold a bit more bearable. Whether you need a pair of gloves that are heavy-duty or are on the simpler end, we’ve found something for everyone.


Cable knit sweaters are in every winter season, so why not bring the style to your gloves? These touchscreen phone gloves by Madewell are made of a warm wool blend, feature a knit design, and come in a variety of color-block designs. The first three fingertips are made of conductive material, so you’ll be able to use your touchscreen phone without a problem. 


If you are a runner and are brave enough to continue to run outside in the cold, even on snowy days, then these tech-friendly gloves are for you. These gloves block the wind and have an inner cashmere lining, so your hands will stay warm as you exercise. Fortunately, the gloves have a textured surface on the palm, so you can securely hold your phone as you access it. Easily choose your favorite pump-up songs on your next outdoor run!


You can never go wrong with a pair of basic black gloves. These wool-and-acrylic-blend gloves will keep you warm, and they have an elastic cuff to keep the cold out, but they still remain lightweight. Of course, you’ll be able to send a text thanks to their tech-friendly thumbs and index fingers. As a bonus, you can easily pair these gloves with any of your coats.


Fortunately, mittens are not left out of the tech-friendly realm. If you consider yourself a mitten fiend, then you’ll love these quilted mittens by Istoner. The mittens are water repellant and have a sherpa lining, so your hands will remain dry and ultra warm. Of course, these mittens are smartphone-friendly!


If you’re a big snow sports person, then these waterproof, double-layered gloves are for you. The heavy-duty gloves will keep you warm while keeping out wind and snow, but you’ll still be able to snap a quick photo before and after you hit the slopes.

Whether you spend a lot of time outside during the cold weather or are just walking from your house to the car, technology-friendly gloves end up being more useful than you think! Keep your gloves on in your cold car as you plug in directions, take a photo of a cool building on your next walk, and answer the call from your best friend. None of these gloves compromise quality or warmth, so you can’t go wrong with a pair of tech-friendly gloves!

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