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These leggings will make your run a breeze

If you regularly run outdoors, you know it can be a pain to hold onto your belongings. You could be carrying your phone, car keys, cash, lip balm, water — it can make you feel a bit like a sherpa when all is said and done.

On top of that, you want leggings that are comfortable, moisture-wicking, and don’t bug you during your run. If it’s cold, windy, or raining, you’ll want full-length or 7/8-length tights, which protect you from hip to ankle. Most leggings offer some degree of compression, and many come in bright, reflective colors if you’re running at night, but you may also want to consider legging with pockets to hold all of the aforementioned goodies so you don’t have to.

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The best on the market

We’ve researched the best leggings with pockets on the market, and here’s what we found:

Tracksmith Allston Tight

You’ll find pockets on the front, back, and both sides of these high-waisted, wide-waistband tights. They are made with nylon and elastane for more compression than some of their previous versions and come in at $118. With internal and external pockets to choose from, you’ll have plenty of room to store what you need for a long run.

Brooks Formation Crop

These leggings come in thick, textured fabric featuring poly-spandex DriLayer, so you’ll stay dry during your run. The length is a long crop that should sit right above your ankle. These leggings have pockets for your phone and keys and, though they are regularly priced at $85, they are on sale now for $55.

Savvi Nae Legging

Savvi is a new women’s fit and casual wear company that’s getting a lot of buzz for its wide range of sizing (XXS to 3X). One of our favorites is their Nae legging for $79. It comes with two side pockets big enough for your phone, and moisture-wicking fabric to keep you cool while on the move. These leggings come in six colors, and are squat-proof so you won’t be showing off more than you bargained for if you stop for a stretch.

LuluLemon Fast and Free Tight

If you’re a Lulu addict, their Fast and Free leggings are perfect for running. They have a high, compressive waistband and five pockets in total, perfect for storing valuables while on the go. They also have reflective features for safety and are super comfortable for running (or running errands). Prices vary depending on color and inseam length.

Sweaty Betty Zero Gravity 7/8 Running Leggings

These $128 leggings are super comfortable and ultra-lightweight, so you won’t feel weighed down during your run. They only come in one color — black — but they come in six sizes, so you’re sure to find the best fit for you. They also come with a side pocket and back zip pocket so you can store your must-haves.

Before you buy

You really can’t go wrong with any of the leggings above. They tick all the boxes when it comes to comfort and moisture-wicking properties, and they all have pockets big enough to fit your phone and other essentials. From there, it comes down to how much you’re willing to spend on your running gear and your preference of brand and color.

Because fit is so important for any workout gear, if you have the option to try them on before you buy them, please do. Sometimes, what looks good on paper doesn’t actually feel good on your body, and you’ll spend more time concentrating on that feeling than you will enjoying your run.

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