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Taking up Pilates? Here’s what you should wear

Learning about effective fitness activity is so much more than the movement itself. To maximize your workouts, you need proper nutrition and hydration, as well as a guide on staying healthy. And you need equipment. You may not realize it, but equipment includes the clothing you put on your body. It’s amazing how much the correct attire can make or break your time at the gym.

When it comes to Pilates in particular, there is such a wide range of movement involved. You will want clothing that supports and stretches along with each set. Pilates is different from other kinds of practices because you will utilize many movements and poses. Let’s make sure you’re prepared for your next class and discuss the finer points of choosing good Pilates attire.

What kind of workout is Pilates?

Four women doing a Pilates class

While it is often compared to yoga, Pilates is actually a much more engaged practice that focuses beyond merely stretching. It consists of low-impact movements that help you with strength, flexibility, posture, and mental awareness. Pilates also emphasizes greater muscle control, especially through the back, core, and limbs.

Many enjoy Pilates for its ability to teach breath control and the minimal use of weights or other equipment. Most classes use only a mat, although there are some that include bands and other low-impact machines. People who enjoy Pilates often also enjoy classes such as Zumba, aerobics, gymnastics, and yoga. It is a practice widely embraced by dancers in particular. For beginners, gentle movement is encouraged with the intensity increasing over time.

What is the best attire to wear to a Pilates class?

The best way to get the most out of your Pilates class is to wear form-fitting clothing. If you have a workout wardrobe full of baggy shirts and sweatpants, it may be time to add some new pieces to your collection. Loose clothing can interfere with a Pilates practice. Not only will your instructor have a hard time seeing your movements, but you will also likely feel hindered throughout many of the common movements. Shorts are also not preferred, as they can ride up and become distracting. Pilates leggings are perfect because they offer lightweight, breathable fabric. When you start to sweat, you’ll appreciate the effect those designs have.

An ideal Pilates top could be as simple as a well-fitted tank. Long sleeves are fine also, as long as the shirt is snug to your body. For women especially, a good sports bra is crucial! Most Pilates classes are conducted barefoot, so tennis shoes are not important. However, you may find you could benefit from socks with some kind of gripping feature on the bottom. If you have a gripped mat to use, bare feet may feel nice as things heat up.

Can Pilates change your body shape or help you lose weight?

If you are consistent in your Pilates practice, you may have to shop more than once for new workout clothes! This type of exercise is known for creating a longer, leaner appearance. Since Pilates also builds lean muscle mass while improving posture, it would not be a surprise to see the scale slim down along with you. Particularly with belly fat, you may want to purchase a couple sizes of Pilates leggings as working the core is a key element of all Pilates routines. Keep in mind that these visible results come with consistency and commitment to any practice and should not be expected in short periods of time. Good physical condition is, after all, a reflection of long-term goals rather than any advertised quick fix.

Three women in a Pilates class

To understand how to best dress for any workout regimen, you must first understand what that kind of activity entails. Will there be quick movement? Use of weights? Will you be standing, sitting or lying down? How wide is the range of movement? If you prepare your mind, you can then prepare your body.

Remember, in the world of Pilates, a wide range of movement is key. Avoid loose and baggy clothing, instead opting for items that are more fitted and lightweight. Remember that Pilates focuses on movements that stretch, build resistance, and enhance stamina. Building lean muscle and shaving off belly fat is a likely result as long as you are consistent. You are now prepared to dress for success while entering the exciting world of Pilates fitness.

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