The best shoes for walking

You might have shoes for other activities, but how about a pair explicitly made for walking? It’s not just for boots anymore! Walking shoes are designed to provide stability and cushioning for walk enthusiasts who might encounter different types of surfaces on all those walkabouts. They’re typically more flexible and encourage better walking posture than other shoe options.

Daily walks reduce stress and improve fitness. A durable pair of walking shoes can help make your walks more comfortable, plus make it easier to incorporate more walking into your daily routine. Some walking shoes are even waterproof in case a puddle or unexpected rain storm comes your way.

The best walking shoes ensure your walks are comfortable and safe. These shoes are ideal for everything from visiting tourist destinations on the other side of the world to taking the dog out after dinner in your own ‘hood.

Here’s the list of our top picks for walking shoes.

Keen Women’s Presidio Shoe

The Keen Women’s Presidio Shoe comes in a whopping 25 different colors, so you’ll be able to coordinate a whole heap of outfits with a pair. They’re even waterproof. You want a simple, no-frills shoe with protection from the elements? No need to look any further!

Rockport Rockin Chranson Walking Shoe

Do you think the folks at Rockport had a good chuckle when they came up with the name for the Rockport Men’s We are Rockin Chranson Walking Shoe? We sure do. But their flexibility, durable grip, and absorbing heel cushioning are no laughing matter. Go ahead and feel like a rock star whilst getting your walk on in these bad boys.

Reebok Women’s Princess Classic Shoe

The Reebok Women’s Princess Lite Classic Shoe is a minimal no-fuss shoe that looks for all the world like the kind of thing someone might come up with if you said to the nearest person “draw a shoe.” But the memory-foam sockliner makes it feel like you’re stepping on a cloud, and the quality of the ultralight midsole is second to none.

Walk away with a great deal with this selection of the best walking shoes around.

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