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The best book lights so you can keep on reading in the dark

In the age of digital screens and endless blue light from all our devices, you want to choose a book light that will not cause eye strain or keep you awake when you finally get to a stopping point. We have you covered with the best book lights with adjustable light levels and amber balance to protect your eyes and sleep cycle.

There are many occasions where you need to read in low light. There’s always the late-night cliffhangers that keep you turning pages, but there are also those red-eye flights with the overhead light that never goes where you want it and long rides in the car. And we can’t forget the thrill children feel reading a book under the covers when they’re supposed to be sleeping.

When looking for the best book light for you, you need something flexible enough to meet your needs, yet still bright enough to read by, and battery life long enough for you to finish your book.

Energizer Clip-on Book Light

Best Book Light

Energizer's Clip-on Book Light takes first place on our list. The flexible and thick plastic neck make this your best choice for light in a variety of situations. It clips-on directly to your book, car visor, or any other surface that's ½-inch or less. With a battery life of up 25 hours and 11 lumens as your max light output, this book light will get you through your camping trip, conference, or latest fantasy novel.

Glocusent LED Neck Reading Light

Best Neck Book Light

Sometimes, you need a light that moves with you. Glocusent's LED Neck Reading Light gives you the freedom to turn pages, crochet, write notes, and other tasks or hobbies you can do from bed without needing to unclip and re-clip after each page. The design of this light helps protect your eyes with three color temperature modes and three light levels. It is USB Type-C Rechargeable, meaning when you do run down that 40-hour battery it's easy to recharge.

Hooga Blue Light Blocking Book Light

Best for E-books

Are you trying to read before bed? Protect or fix your evening melatonin balance and circadian rhythms? Hooga's Blue Light Blocking Book Light is the device for you if you want to read one last chapter and fall asleep easily. It easily clips onto your e-book, tablet, or book, and its amber light block 99.94-percent of blue light, allowing you to find out what happens next in the story and still get eight hours of restful sleep.

You need a high-quality book light for the best price. No matter if you want something that keeps your pages free, bright light for studying and taking notes, or gentle light to read a couple of chapters before bed, every one of these book lights will save you money and provide optimal lighting to read. Now, you can pick-up the new release hardcover you have been waiting for without worrying whether you’ll have enough time in the day to finish it.