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The best gummy bears for a sweet treat

If you grew up with gummy bears in your cupboard, you’re not alone. But this classic candy has evolved from your childhood memories. Today, you can buy organic gummy bears to enjoy guilt-free. And if you’re watching your sugar intake, reach for sugar-free gummy bears for all the sweet goodness without harmful ingredients.

There’s a reason gummy bear candy is a family favorite. Their squishy tummies are as cute as they are flavorful. With our top picks, you can always keep everyone’s beloved gummies around the house and reward your kids — or yourself — for a job well-done. Check out our top picks.

YumEarth Gluten-Free Gummy Bears

Best Gummy Bears Overall

The YumEarth Gluten Free Gummy Bears give bring back this classic candy with a twist of new flavors. Enjoy 5 ounces of the natural flavors of pomegranate pucker, mango tango, perfectly peach, and strawberry smash with these non-GMO sweets. Once you taste the difference of organic cane sugar, you’ll know why these are the better option for your tastebuds and your health.

Albanese World's Best 12-Flavor Gummi Bears

Best Value Gummy Bears

When you can’t get enough gummy bears, you need the Albanese World’s Best 12-Flavor Gummy Bears in your candy stash. These 5-pound bags are packed with the fresh fruity flavor and soft chewy texture you love. They’re the perfect size to stock up on your favorite snack at a low price.

Haribo Goldbears Original Flavor Tub

Best for Portability

Pack snacks on the go or stuff goodie bags with the Haribo Goldbears Original Flavor Tub. With 54 mini-bags per container, these treats feature the classic fruity flavors kids everywhere love. For 90 years, these candies have set the standard in gummy bears. So, you know you can’t go wrong with them.

A little bear can go a long way with the best gummy candies on our list. Whether you’re looking for an organic sweet, large bag, or traditional flavors, we’ve got the best gummy bears to satisfy your craving. They’re the yummy gummies everyone loves.