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Should you order subscription boxes for your kids?

No matter how young or old your kids are, it can become difficult to plan activities to keep them engaged, especially if your family spends a lot of time at home. From painting sessions to games of hide and seek, there are obviously plenty of at-home activities to do. However, if you and your kids are getting an itch to try something new and change up the normal routine, you may want to try a subscription box!

There are a ton of subscription boxes out there designed for kids of all ages, and they can be filled with anything from new toys to art supplies. Depending on your preference, you can test out a subscription by purchasing one box. Making a monthly purchase gives your family the opportunity to test out different types of activities. Alternatively, you can jump full steam ahead and order a year’s worth of subscription boxes. Generally, buying six or 12 boxes at one time will end up being more cost-effective than paying month by month.

Once you’ve made your purchase, you’ll get recurring shipments of fun activities straight to your door every month! With subscription boxes, your kids can learn new skills, become inspired, and even refine cognitive thinking skills. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite monthly subscription boxes for kids so you can get a better idea of what’s out there.

Little Passports 

Take a trip around the world or around the country from the comfort of your own home! If you opt for the world subscription, every month, you and your kids will receive a box filled with activities and memorabilia from a different country. Your first box takes you to Brazil, and upon opening the suitcase, your kids will get their very own passport! Aside from stickers, souvenirs, and letters, these boxes will also lead you to interactive online content.


KiwiCo has really become one of the top tiered subscription box companies for kids! They have boxes for all ages, and you can opt for all types of activities, from arts and crafts to STEM. They have even produced a “Classics” pack so your children can get a little taste of everything. Your children will be able to design, construct, and decorate five different projects, like a solar system or a robot. If you aren’t sure what to buy for an upcoming birthday, KiwiCo definitely has some wonderful subscription gifts for kids.


Kidstir will get your kids excited to be in the kitchen! Inside the subscription box, you’ll unpack kid-friendly recipes and shopping lists, a cooking utensil like a spatula or oven mitt, stickers, and other cooking-themed items. Fortunately, you can even personalize the kit to meet any special dietary needs, in case your child is gluten- or dairy-free. 

Sensory TheraPlay Box 

If your child is working on development and partakes in sensory therapy, then you’ll love this subscription box for kids. A pediatric occupational therapist curates what’s in the box every month, and they make sure to include parent favorites, doctor recommendations, and fun toys your child will enjoy using. 

Hoppi Box 

Hoppi Box delivers toys for your youngest children, from infancy to 4 years old. Each monthly box contains toys inspired by the Montessori method of teaching, so these toys are chosen to help develop your child’s overall skills — motor, cognitive, and social. Fortunately, all of the toys are BPA-free and environmentally friendly. 

Just Like Me! Book Box 

Your kids deserve to read about characters that look just like them, and that’s what the Just Like Me! Book Box does. Once you register, you’ll receive two to three Black-themed books (and some fun extras) every month. Luckily, there are book options for ages up to 12 years old, so you’ll be able to stick with this subscription for a while or make sure all your kids get a special delivery.

Hopefully, one of these subscription box options sparks something in you or in your kids! Whether you make a one-time purchase or opt for an annual subscription, your children will love receiving their activity in a box whenever it gets to you. Maybe you don’t have kids at all — any one of these subscription ideas make great birthday or holiday presents! Subscription boxes for kids are the gifts that keep on giving.

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