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The best kid-friendly subscription boxes on the market

Who doesn’t love mail? While you see the postman and may cringe at the thought of yet another bill to pay, kids of all ages love knowing they’re about to receive a letter and a package. It’s like a birthday every day!

If you’re looking for a special gift for the kid in your life, kid-friendly subscription boxes are a great idea for a gift that keeps on giving. Most come with developmentally-appropriate toys and books, and the contents can teach them new hobbies or educate them about the world in a new way. We’ve checked out tons of products on the market and found the best for the child in your life.

kids choosing books
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For book worms

If your child loves to read (or you want to pique their interest in books from a young age), there are a lot of great options out there that allow you to customize boxes based on your child’s age and reading level. Amazon Book Boxes allow you to customize based on age (up to 12) and how often you want them delivered, and you get to make the ultimate selection once they curate options for you. You’ll also save up to 40% off the list price for any book on Amazon!

Literati is also a great option for even the pickiest of readers. They send five brand-new books in their monthly gift boxes for kids. You keep them for a week, then buy your kid’s favorite and send the rest back. They make it super easy and have options for every age group (plus free shipping).

For STEM lovers

KiwiCo has an amazing array of developmentally appropriate STEM-themed boxes that can be delivered monthly. From toddlers to teens, these boxes will keep your child’s mind and hands busy (you can even build your own ukulele). There’s even a box geared towards babies up to 24 months old, so you can get their brains activated and curious from the very beginning.

Spangler Science Club is another monthly gift box for kids (and would be an ideal holiday present from the grandparents). Recommended for kids ages five to 12, be ready for a bit of a (fun) mess. His lessons are easy to follow, and the “experiments are likely to fizz, pop, bubble, or erupt into something that is guaranteed to fill the room with oohs and ahhhs.”

STEM play
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For little ones

One thing that can stress out new parents is figuring out what toys are developmentally appropriate, especially in the first few years. Hoppi Box is a quarterly subscription box that does this for you based on your child’s age and upcoming milestones. The custom box is filled with four or five “high quality, age-appropriate toys that help inspire learning through play.”

If you’re leaning toward a Montessori education for your little one, Monti Kids is a perfect subscription box full of Montessori materials designed by educators. The subscription also connects you with other families, online resources, and learning materials, and is geared towards kids up to three years of age, so they are off to the races before preschool.

For kids who need a little help

An occupational therapist created Sensory TheraPlay Box, a monthly subscription box full of sensory toys for children “with developmental delays, autism spectrum disorders, neurological impairments, and emotional disturbances.” Their toys have been approved by parents and experts alike, and kids love them (which is the most important part). Even if your child does not have a diagnosis, children who may suffer from anxiety, temper tantrums, and impulsivity issues can use sensory tools to help self-regulate their emotions.

Subscription boxes for kids are filled with the perfect combination of fun and instructive activities that will keep them interested (and learning) for hours. There are so many boxes to choose from that include all things kids love, from science and engineering to drawing and crafting, books, toys, and more. By following our recommendations and drawing on the knowledge and love you have for the kid in your life, we know you’ll find just the right box to bring a smile to their face every month.

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