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Enter to win this EliteBaby bundle – plus an exclusive offer

There is no shortage of baby products on the market. In fact, the global baby products market is expected to reach $16.78 billion by 2025. It can feel overwhelming researching the best products for your little one. “Moreover,” according to Grandview Research, “rising awareness about infant nutrition, hygiene, and safety in developing regions will fuel the demand further.”

Finding a company that puts safety first gives parents confidence that the products they buy will keep their babies happy and healthy.

EliteBaby, a five-year-old baby safety brand, focuses on delivering quality products that give parents peace of mind. As they continue to expand their product line and partnerships, they are feeling all kinds of generous with an exclusive giveaway of one of their bestselling bundles — EliteBaby’s diaper bag backpack, pacifier holder case, and rattle-teether combo (times two).

What’s in the bundle?

Anyone who has tried to leave the house with kids knows just how many items you need to account for before you head out the door. The EliteBaby Diaper Bag Backpack comes with adjustable straps, insulated pockets, waterproof fabric, and optimal space designed to make parents’ lives a little bit easier.

The Pacifier Case Holder seals tight, so pacifiers remain completely sterile no matter how much they’re jostled (or thrown). The holder is made with baby-safe material and holes for ventilation to prevent bacteria and moisture from building up. Plus, you’ll always know where to find them in a pinch, which can be a day-saver.

The bundle also comes with two of EliteBaby’s adorable Rattle Teethers. These cute animal rattle teethers are handmade from fine wood and 100% organic cotton. They are durable, completely baby-safe, and will garner all sorts of “oohs and ahhs” from all the parents at the park.

ElteBaby bundle

How do I enter?

EliteBaby and The Angle have teamed up to give away one of these killer units to one lucky person. Enter below for your chance to win.

But wait, there’s more

We will also provide you with a 10% off exclusive offer during the giveaway. Just use the code FEBGA10OFF at checkout to take advantage of the savings on safety products, toys and accessories, clothing, bedding, and more.

EliteBaby’s products are unique, one-of-a-kind (hello, dinosaurs dancing in sombreros), handmade, and hand-stitched, and they’re as fun for kids as they are for parents. The company has taken inspiration from The Wizard of Oz, Mr. T, Prince, and others to bring smiles to anyone who sees them.

The EliteBaby bundle is the perfect way to take advantage of some of their bestselling items for less. “For the first time, we are putting some of our bestselling items in one pack,” EliteBaby writes on its website. “After seeing this combination ordered so many times, we wanted to make your baby-proofing that much easier.”

Baby products must stand the test of time, and parents need to have confidence that those products will remain safe for their babies. It’s an investment in your family and in yourself. New parents have enough to worry about. The products they give their kids shouldn’t be one of them.

EliteBaby Bundle