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6 Easter egg hunt replacement activities that are safe for your kids

Whether you live across the country from your sister or are skipping the big family party due to COVID-19, your Easter holiday may be looking a bit different this year. Thankfully, we live in the age of technology, so it’s never been easier to connect with our loved ones and still celebrate together! If you have a lot of little ones in your family, have no fear: Easter egg hunts with the cousins can still go on. Don’t worry; we’ve made sure adults can get in on the fun too!

We’ve cooked up a few ways to keep the Easter spirit alive in your immediate household and ways to virtually take on Easter egg hunt options with the extended family. Everyone can stay safe this holiday while still enjoying the traditions of Easter thanks to these egg hunt alternatives.

Make it personal 

This year may prove to be the perfect opportunity to completely personalize the Easter egg hunt for your children. Hide dinosaur eggs instead of the typical bright, plastic eggs. If they love Lego, get creative and build a few Lego sets for them to find around the house. Heck, if one or more of your kids isn’t quite the candy lover, hide snack-pack sizes of chips for them to discover. This year can be all about what your little ones love.

To make your children feel like their cousins and friends are close by, hand them your phone, and let them be on a video call as the kids in every household run around trying to find their prizes.

Girls searching for Easter eggs

Reverse roles 

Take a spin on roles, and have your kids hide Easter eggs for you to find! They’ll probably have just as much fun watching you and your partner search for their hidden treasure. There might not be any young children in your immediate household. Well, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a home-bound Easter egg hunt of your own — everyone can take turns hiding surprises for the other family members. Wine hunt, anyone?

Bunny hops and candy scavengers 

Get everyone in the family involved with some virtual Easter games in lieu of an egg hunt. Opt to do an Easter-themed scavenger hunt! You can either curate your own list of items to find or print one that you find online. Once you have your list, set up your video call, and have everyone start hunting for their Easter-themed items: An egg, a favorite candy, or flowers from outside. Make it silly by incorporating physical challenges into the scavenger hunt. Who can hop like a bunny for the longest?


Easter bingo can also be a totally fun virtual egg hunt alternative to play with the family. Enjoy some friendly competition with the family as you hunt for Easter eggs on a printed bingo card — luckily, you can find pre-made cards online. The winner gets candy mailed to them, and the person in last place has to wear bunny ears the rest of the day!

There’s an app for that

Video games on Easter Sunday don’t sound like the most preferred situation, but since this past year has been unlike any other, anything goes! Download apps on your phone for your kids to discover eggs while relaxing on the couch, or you can even get everyone up and moving with an augmented reality app. Aim the phone lens wherever you’d like for your family, and you’ll see Easter eggs pop up all over your home and backyard.

Brightly colored Easter eggs
Africa Studio/Shutterstock

Virtual game day

If you have video game junkies in your home or are a gamer yourself, try one of these:


For years now, Roblox has actually designed an Easter egg hunt, and 2021’s Metaverse hunt is ready to go. You can hop on at any time to play!


Your kids can play against each other or their friends in a virtual Easter egg hunt in Minecraft. You’ll have to convince some players to disguise their characters as eggs while others search for them within the game. In this context, Easter eggs don’t only refer to physical eggs themselves. Easter eggs are also used to describe hidden meanings, messages, or clues in different forms of media. Embark on a hunt to find the hidden meaning Easter eggs — Minecraft is filled with them, like references to phrases or pop culture moments. First one who gets to three wins?

This past year has been all about creativity and making the most of what we have, and your holiday celebrations don’t have to be any different. Whether you let your kids play their favorite video games or hide family-favorite treats around the house, you can still make the most of this Easter season. Plus, video chats are here to come to the rescue!

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