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15 best gift ideas new moms will love

Becoming a new mom can be both exciting and overwhelming. One way to show your support is with a thoughtful and useful gift for the new mom or soon to be new mom. You’re probably wanting something other than the usual flowers and teddy bears, so we’ve rounded up some great options, such as a new pair of slippers or a high-quality sound machine. Whether it’s a gift for the new mom or a gift for the new baby, any gift is always appreciated. Check out the best gifts for new moms below.

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Q&A a Day for Moms: A 5-Year Journal

This journal is going to help new moms delve deeper and gain more insight about their role as they note down the answer for each day’s question. There are a total of 365 questions that cycle through the course of five years. Moms will then be able to track and reflect on how much their answers have changed. Plus, this way, they’ll surely be able to capture all the milestones from the time they give birth until their babies have grown into toddlers.

Ztujo Purse Organizer Insert

The Ztujo Purse Organizer Insert lets moms turn every stylish bag they own into a nurser bag. It has a total of 10 interior compartments and three exterior pockets to store everything moms could need on the go. And since the zipper pocket is singly detachable, moms are free to customize this bag insert however they want to make room for the bare essentials. It also comes with a long felt key chain, so they can easily fish out their keys even while holding the baby.

Hello Bello Bubble Bath

New moms will no doubt need a break, and they sure deserve every bit of pampering they can get in between feeding times. The Hello Bello Bubble Bath will help them do just that while they drown their worries away in the tub. It is plant-based, pH-balanced, and formulated with quality ingredients to help soothe, moisturize, and nourish their skin. And the best part is that it is also hypoallergenic and safe for babies, so they can get in and make bath time a playful bonding activity.

Pink Stork Postpartum Recovery Tea

The Pink Stork Postpartum Recovery Tea is the perfect hot drink new moms can take to help them heal and unwind. This herbal tea contains essential nutrients and key vitamins they’ll need after childbirth. It boosts cognition and energy levels with oat straw and healthy gut bacteria with dandelion. And with red raspberry, moms can tone and strengthen their uterus in no time.

Hofish Seamless Nursing Maternity Bras

This full-bust, seamless nursing bralette from Hofish offers moms the comfort and support they’ll need while breastfeeding their newborn. It has adjustable straps and bra extenders, too. Besides having a wide range of sizes, this pack of three is not only of good value but also gives them the choice to wear the appropriate color that would match their outfit, be it black, beige, or pink. It is also a great gift option for expecting mothers.

Jessica Simpson Women’s Comfy Faux Fur House Slippers

New moms are probably going to be busy on their feet all day, but they can be more comfortable and at ease with the Jessica Simpson Women’s Comfy Faux Fur House Slippers. It is made with thick memory foam to cushion and support their feet for all-day wear, and an anti-slip sole prevents them from slipping on the floor. These slippers will also cuddle their feet with warmth, and they’re machine-washable for a hassle-free clean.

As You Grow: A Modern Memory Book for Baby

What better way to document priceless moments with a newborn than with a baby book. The As You Grow: A Modern Memory Book for Baby is gender-neutral, which means it’ll blend well with any nursery room’s decor. New moms will surely be able to use this from the early stages of their pregnancy until their baby turns five. Its lay-flat design will allow her to write on it comfortably, while the section dividers will let mom preserve precious keepsakes.

Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine

Any new mom in the midst of decorating a nursery for their newborn will appreciate the Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine. It might just be the missing piece that can make their life a wee bit easier. Apart from producing white noise, it is also a night-light and alarm clock that can keep their little one asleep longer and adjust to their sleeping habits when they get older. The best part about it is that they can control and customize its color, brightness, sound, and volume level right from their smartphone or tablet once they download the Hatch Baby Rest app, and it can be programmed to automatically turn on and off. They can also trust its lock feature — the settings will stay the same regardless of their toddler toggling on its manual buttons. Plus, it stays cool throughout the night for your peace of mind.

Brolex Stretchy Fitted Crib Sheets

Sometimes, the best gift you can get a new mom is to save them from having to go to the store themselves to pick up something they need. The Brolex Stretchy Fitted Crib Sheets are plush crib sheets to cradle their baby until they’re sound asleep. It fits most standard crib mattresses, so its dimensions should be no issue at all, and it is also unisex. They won’t even have to worry about accidental spills or undesirable skin infections, as it is machine-washable and made from premium-quality linen.

Hudson Baby Cozy Fleece Booties

A happy baby can equate to a happy mom. The Hudson Baby Cozy Fleece Booties are made from 100% polyester for the baby’s utmost comfort, and they’re machine-washable, so they always stay clean. They also have a hook-and-loop closure that makes them easy to wear and take off whenever needed.

Super-Plush Robe

Truth be told, moms need to be swaddled too, and the Super-Plush Robe from Brooklinen will certainly not disappoint. It is cut out from 100% Turkish cotton and made to be extra-thick for spa-like comfort. It is even Oeko-Tex certified for chemical safety. Moms will sure feel like royalty in this premium robe.

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Premium Spa Wine Gift Crate

Moms will definitely need to take a step back and unwind at some point. This Premium Spa Wine Gift Crate is the perfect treat that will groom them for relaxation. She’ll be lounging the day away in a tub with a bottle of French pink wine in one hand and exfoliating brushes in the other. This gift pack sure is one way she can gain both peace of mind and moisturized skin.

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Mouth Snacks for New Parents

New parents will undoubtedly be coping with a hectic and busy schedule around the clock. You can help keep them energized by purchasing a few snacks that will help them power through sleepless nights. You can even customize this gift basket according to their diet, and you can rest assured that both mom and dad will be grateful for the tasty treat.

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Solly Baby Wrap Carrier

Babies can get heavy over long periods of time, and so the Solly Baby Wrap Carrier offers new parents a way to keep their baby close without their arms feeling totally numb. Plus, the hands-free design allows the new mom to move around and get things done. It also guarantees that it will reduce infant crying by up to 43%, and it may even reduce the chances of having postpartum depression.

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Little Spoon Baby Food Meal Plans

Give new parents a head start in keeping their babies healthy with the Little Spoon Baby Food Meal Plans. This will allow them to customize a nutritious meal plan according to their baby’s needs and diet. All products are made fresh and organic and are delivered straight to their doorstep.

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