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The best car mats to weather any season

Anyone who owns a vehicle should know how important a car mat is. No matter how often you clean your car, dirt will somehow find its way under your feet. Add pets and kids into the mix, and pet hair, spills, and crumbs will be down there as well. To prevent messes from piling up and keep your upholstery looking its best, it’s crucial to pick the right mats. They’re very easy to maintain, too: Just take them out, clean them off, and pop them right back in.

When it comes to selecting a mat for your vehicle, not every option out there will do. Beyond design and style, there are also lots of other factors to keep in mind when making a purchase. Aside from making sure it can truly protect your car‘s floor from dirt, spills, wear, and salt corrosion, it must also be safe, durable, and comfortable for regular use. We’ve rounded up the best car mats for every type of vehicle and driver. Let’s take a look.

At a glance:

  • Best overall:Armor-All Season Rubber Floor Mat Set
  • Best carpet:OxGord Carpet Floor Mat Set
  • Best looking: BDK Universal Fit Floor Mat Set
  • Best heavy-duty: Motor Trend FlexTough Rubber Floor Mats
  • Best two-tone design: FH Group Rubber Floor Mat Set

Best overall: Armor All 4-Piece All-Season Rubber Floor Mat Set

Our pick for the best overall car mats is the Armor All 4-piece all-season floor mat set. These all-season rubber floor mats are designed to be trimmed to fit almost any vehicle and will not curl, crack, or harden in sub-zero temperatures. The underside has carpet anti-slip backing to keep the mats in place. A raised lip around the mat contains spills.


Best carpet: OxGord 4pc Full Set Carpet Floor Mat Set

The best carpet option is OxGord’s four-piece carpet floor mat full set. These mats are crafted with high-quality carpet and made to last. They are universal in size to fit most vehicles and are both weather- and stain-resistant. They wash clean with water for easy care.


Best looking: BDK Universal Fit 4-Piece Floor Mat Set

This set from BDK is our choice for the best-looking car mats. Their attention-grabbing chrome finish comes in four colors, including red. They are universally sized to fit most vehicles and easy to clean.  The non-skid rubber backing will keep them from shifting while in use.


Best heavy-duty: Motor Trend FlexTough Rubber Floor Mats

These heavy-duty floor mats from Motor Trend feature rubber polymers, which are tested under extreme conditions to make sure they don’t split, deform, or crack. They are built with no-slip rubberized nibs on the bottom so they stay in place, complete with ergonomic grooves at the top to provide the feet with comfort and traction. Made for compatibility, the mats can be easily cut with scissors to conform to the shape of your vehicle’s floor. Additionally, they are built to last through mud, rain, and snow and guard against debris and spills.


Best two-tone design: FH Group Rubber Floor Mat Set

If you want to add a dash of color to your car’s floors, you might want to consider this model from FH Group. This set comes with two front mats and two rear mats, each piece waterproof and with nibbed backing to secure it in place. The mats are also designed with a trimmable profile so they fit your vehicle’s contours and tall outer ridges to keep fluids and debris from leaking into the carpet. This model is available in different color pairings, including black and beige, black and blue, and black and pink.


How to choose a car mat

You need to take into account things like whether or not a universal-fit mat will do, or if you need to purchase one that can be trimmed to fit your car’s floors. If you’re using your vehicle for heavy-duty work like construction, then you might need a sturdier option than if you’re just using your vehicle to go to and from and office job. If you have kids, you might be in the market for something spill-resistant. Others even have thick foam paddings to reduce machine noise and are built with multiple layers for optimal protection.

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