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The best snowflake decorations to liven up your space

This winter season, make decorating a snap with these pre-made snowflake decorations. Snowflakes with their unique geometric designs are a perfect way to bring winter’s magic inside your home. Check out our selections and see which ones will help bring a little snowflake magic into your life.

No matter where you live, everyone wants to imagine a white winter. And if the weather in your neighborhood won’t deliver, or your little ones want to imagine Frosty the Snowman and Santa Clause running around outside, these festive snowflake designs have you covered. Each snowflake decoration we chose has half a dozen unique snowflake sizes and shapes.

CCINEE Snowflake Window Cling Stickers

Best Overall

This 300-piece snowflake window cling sticker set by CCINEE is for you if you want a variety of snowflake sizes and Santa and a reindeer peeking through a window. With eight sheets, this can make a fun decorating game for the family. The cling stickers are printed on both side so they can be placed either way on your windows, glass, or other surfaces.

Moon Boat Snowflake Window Decals

Best for Easy Decorating

If you need the most snowflakes for your home, you need Moon Boat's 320-piece Christmas snowflake window clings. With four different snowflake designs in small and medium sizes and various snowballs, this set will help you decorate every window in your home.

Amscan Snowflake String Foil

Best Value

When you want to bring snowflakes inside your house and off the windows, these snowflake string decorations are what you need. They add shimmer and charm to your holiday decorations and dance almost as if they were floating down from clouds. The six 7-inch string decorations include attached metallic foil snowflake cutouts in four unique snowflake shapes.

This season, bring the magic of snowflakes inside with one of these snowflake decorations. Whether you need to decorate windows or hang snowflakes for your holiday party, we have an option for you.